Viki lost the license for My Poseidon

The Chinese drama that has been in “Coming Soon” for a year and was going to premiere on March 24 (now postponed with a date still unconfirmed). Now Viki lost the license for this C-drama and the “Coming Soon” is now a Fan Channel will be eliminated in next upcoming days.
(01/04/2019) The Fan Channel for My Poseidon is now deleted by Viki.

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VIKI shouldn’t have place it as COMING SOON in the first place :rage:
Okay. I better don’t have hope for the other Chinese dramas that are as coming soon then…

Be 100 % SURE, you will get a drama licensed before adding it as COMING SOON.
Why playing with the viewers’ expectation LOL


i also really hate that it isn´t there anymore. we were so exited

Maybe it’s affected by the new China broadcasting rules like so many others. Since time travels are no longer allowed, I wonder if the past lifes idea with Poseidon and Amphitrite would work out. And a Greek mythology to boot not even a Chinese one. China’s politics are taken really weird actions about fiction, is fiction itself problematic? If they do this in dramaland what are they doing to “normal” writers, painters, …

I hope that Viki does not lose the license of Unexpected, Tears in Heaven or Master Devil Do Not Kiss (Seasons 1 and 2).

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I’m about to give up on Tears in Heaven. At this point I’m thinking this drama never existed in the first place. It was all a hoax :unamused:

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This drama doesn’t fall within the restriction criteria. I think the delay is purely due to contractual terms that are probably still being hashed out by the parties concerned.

As can be seen with the reschedule of The Legend of White Snake, another drama based on mythology, such is not the reason for the change that Viki has taken. There must be some other reason(s).