Viki Magic: Segmenting, Subbing

Segmenting& Subbing Training

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”
by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Working on viki is both magical and hard work. Subbing and segmenting (timing of subtitles) takes some time and energy. We stay up late at night or get up early in order to drop by and help out. The time zones of the team mates can be different: For some it is night or afternoon, for others it is morning. However, once we are here, we seem to be in a different time zone, the viki zone…And we keep doing this work every day, week, month, all year. You might wonder why?

Sometimes I also wonder why viki is so magical and fun. Maybe the magical part are those little “things” you notice and appreciate one by one, day after day, project after project: You meet people from all the world, make new friends you probably wouldn’t have met outside from viki, discuss dramas in the Channels, enjoy the subbed Dramas and play games with others.

“Working on viki: No pain, no gain.”
Moreover, it feels like a “sweet-painful” bliss to accomplish something by working in a team. You look forward to finish a project while you enjoy the team-work itself.
And it might sound weird, but when one hears a “thank you” by viewers and team mates (who want to express their gratitude for all the hard work on a Channel), you realize: “Wow, I really helped others with my work. All the work was “useful” in the end. Because of our subtitles or/and segments, people from all over the work were able to enjoy a drama.”

“Bringing down language barriers that stand between great entertainment and its fans, no matter where they are.” (quote taken from viki:

It is just amazing that we are able to understand and enjoy dramas all over the world thanks to all the great subbers and segmenters who spend their free time on Viki. Being part of such an amazing “idea" feels overwhelming.

If you are interested to learn more about segmenting or/and subbing, please send me (jojoo) a PM.

The teaching program is both for newbies and exeprienced segmenters who want to brush up their segging skills.

Subbing is also an important and hard work. Each and every subtitle helps to take down the language barriers and this is just amazing!!! If you want to get used to the Subtitle editor and practice some subbing, just let me know via PM (jojoo). I will assign you a practice video.


Segging Moon Channel Link:



I’m not too sure, but is this post about teaching how to sub and segment?

yep!^^ It is about segging and subbing training.

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I am already a subber, but I would really learn how to segment ^_^/

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Check your Viki-inbox (I just wrote you a PM.^^)

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Hi, I would like to learn how to segment and subbing as well. Are you still open for new students? Thanks.

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Please check your Viki-inbox.^^ (Just send you a PM).

Hi Hi, I’de like to try segmenting, how can i do it, or start. i’de like to learn and pick up a project plzz. thank you!

I think jumon is no longer active, you might want to try it here

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