Viki meltdown?

Anyone else dealing with issues on Viki?

First, I couldn’t acces some episodes on the site. Then I couldn’t access the project I’m working on. Now it’s difficult to login or it keeps asking for my birth date or gives me the “500 - oh no! something went wrong” error.

Hope that it get’s fixed soon…

EDIT: problems that other people have encountered below:

  • Login problems
  • Issues with following / watch history / collections
  • problems with the inbox
  • Unable to manage episodes (moderators)
  • Coming soon bug
  • Duplicate tabs open when working with the subtitle editor
  • Problems with team discussion (can’t comment)
  • Pages load slowly

Even the home page isn’t working…
But the subtitle editor is working. I accessed the link directly and I am currently subbing. I just pray that my effort doesn’t get lost.But since the episodes won’t play, then there’s nothing else for me to fill me time with. :slight_smile:
I hope it gets fixed soon. This is too much.


I can’t get the episodes to load either. I’m having this problem on both the website and app.


cant enter to different areas. no subbing, editing, answering from mails…


I am happy Discussions never gets affected by whatever goes on on the website. :slight_smile:
It makes me feel like everything’s alright. :sweat_smile:


I had the link in my message inbox, but can’t access that either…

I couldn’t access it via my phone, so was worried for a sec, but the webversion still works fine.


@feyfayer I accessed the link from a spreadsheet we use to organize the subbing. Maybe you can get it from your browsing history?


No, I get error pages unfortunately TT


I’ve been subbing for over an hour now. I really hope my efforts don’t get lost in the errors.
Maybe it’s working because the tab was open before the website crashed? I mean I opened it before the website crashed but I have moved through the parts in there so I supposed it would be the same for direct link access. I guess not…
And, in case you were wondering, the video is playing just fine in the subtitle editor.


Okay, good to know.
I had a hardware malfunction, so I had to restart my tabs, hence why all my tabs reset and then I immediately encountered the Viki problems.

Good luck with the project. Hope it saves everything and nothing goes lost ^.^


It’s fixed now. And my efforts weren’t lost!! :grin::grin:


Not a subber but I’ve been having issues with Viki way more than usual the past month. Today, none of the shows I’ve been following show up. (Says I’m not following any). Have tried the usual relogging, clearing cache, etc.

Just…ugh. Getting more and more frustrated with all the log in problems, subtitles not appearing, episodes having to be restart several times through an episode because of formatting issues, and now this.


The issue with Follows is one I’m having, too. TV shows, celebrities, movies, none of it shows up. Bit of a bummer. :\

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On windows 10 cannot get Following to fill in correctly. Videos are playing. Watch History and Collections work. Following does not fill in. The last day has been very trying. Please take care of these issues. Thanks.

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Same issue here. My following list does not populate on PC or on Android TV app. Says I am not following any shows. Has been like this for 2 days.

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I can’t log in with Google when I try it says it doesn’t accept this app and this is the one my subscription is tied to. I can log in with my email, but my subscription doesn’t work any suggestions?

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Well? With technical issues you need patience. The first thing I do is look at discussions if anyone else has the same problem and check the help center
and Viki status at twitter.
Most of the times there are announcements there, not always and sometimes …
But right now at the help center you have a blue bar that says problems with Google are solved. So log out and back in should work for you now, if it still doesn’t you need to make a request to Viki.

1st EDIT: Just one minute later the bar has changed back to google issues and instructions.

2nd EDIT: There is a Viki post at the help center, hope it works for you.



The issue with Follows seems to have been resolved, at least for me. It’s all showing up again.

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Viki site has been having issues on and off lately. After the new homepage is implemented (or perhaps a coincidence?), more issues seem to surface. For the past few days, to a couple of weeks back, I’ve been having issues such as being logged out involuntarily, having to log in again and again, having to state my birth date again, having to refresh and reload at every few minutes while on the sub or seg tool, having to wait for video (on subtool and as per normal viewing) to load, if it does load, having to wait for connection to server, and worse of all, subs or edits weren’t captured! It used to take me about an hour to two to edit (both Eng and Chi languages, including adjustment of segs - in this case, the bot creations) each part, but now it takes double to almost triple the time! I don’t like to rant and would usually just wait for the issues to be fixed by the engineering backend, and usually, glitches are fixed quickly. Lately though, it has been so frustrating and such time-wasters! :weary:

Moreover, messages posted on comments seem to have disappeared? I don’t and refused to believe that was the result of Viki censorship. After all, there was no profanity or illegal links in my posts, merely letting channel fans know of Viki glitches or site issues which made them rant and fuss, although that’s quite usual fare, and they should (except if they fussed over matters concerning subs! They paid for entertainment on Viki. They should get a functioning and good-to-go site, esp for those who only have several precious hours - away from work, home matters, kids, study, etc - to relax and watch their favorite entertainment. Likewise for volunteers, too.

Back to my posts on Comment Section and Team Discussion, on channels where work is still in progress. In the past two days, I’ve posted several messages, including the following message, on two channels, but they were and still are nowhere to be seen!

Hello everyone, please be advised that, for several days and to date, there have been some technical glitches/bug issues sitewide, and many volunteers are not/have not been able to access the respective tool to segment/subtitle/edit. The videos - loading, playing, and/or the display of subtitles - are/were affected as well. Please be patient. Thank you.

Is Disqus having issues as well? Is my message of the nature that should be censored?
What the heck is happening? Why is there no notification to volunteers, let alone subscribers, about sitewide glitches?

I am on broadband connection. I use Chrome browser (latest version). I have unlimited data access. I don’t believe it’s due to reasons concerning my service provider because I am surfing and watching videos elsewhere with no problems.

I am still patient. I just feel bad for all OL teams that are awaiting releases, and for viewers/drama fans and volunteers who are feeling similar frustrations.

Fingers are tightly crossed for sitewide functionality to resume, and for bugs to begone!.:hot_face:


Yes, I hope that the audience will be patient, because the volunteers can’t do anything about it and are just as frustrated.

Are you still experiencing problems? Viki has been okay for today for me…