Viki meltdown?

For people who still don’t get the coming soon bug:

It must be up for somebody otherwise it cannot be 29% subbed. This is a project managed by Viki staff so Viki is in charge of the segging and English subbing. Maybe they will release it for everyone after a certain percentage of subs but that would be odd to me.

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Oh, wow. I actually went to see whether it was available for me or not. For a split second, it showed me the icon pic… and then coming soon. WOW! Interesting…:roll_eyes:

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Anyone else can’t find this drama on Viki; was watching Beautiful love: wonderful life got to episode 26 and now no more can’t even find this drama- same with judge vs judge. My watch history was totally cleaned out. What’s going on.?

I don’t know if watch history is “buggy” like other things are from time to time. Did you try your watch history on the main page? Normally the buggy issue will subside, but we can’t tell if it will be within minutes, hours, days, …
Hope it will pass for you soon.

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Can anybody else not post on Team Discussion? I keep getting “it needs to be approved by viki first.” What the…?

I’m talking about the project, I’m not using any “bad” language, I’m not off topic, seriously. What is this.

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Well, I only have an old project it works in that channel?
Are you an official member in the team? Is it a current on air project? I only remember reading somewhere that Viki would turn Team Discussion kind of “private”. Was it in the October update …

Here it is

I don’t know if this causes maybe another problem now …

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I added a list of the problems you guys encountered to the top of the post.
Have any of these problems been resolved yet? I can manage the episodes again, without problems and my inbox works, but everyone seems to encounter a different set of bugs at different times :sweat_smile:


Thank you for replying to me! <3

I am an official member, I’ve been on this team from the start. It is currently on air. So far, I could post and comment without any issue, it’s just today that I could do neither.

I’m guessing - and hoping - this is a bug that is resolved soon, but it’s so unnecessary.

Did your post have a link? That can cause problems. I had my posts go in moderation when I wanted to include a link or picture. When I complained to Viki staff about it they approved my message and it became visible.

Thanks for keeping track :slight_smile: Sorry for my late response.

After I’ve posted my ‘rant’ above, I tried to access sub tool but couldn’t. The next day, I tried to log in to Viki but couldn’t. When I finally logged in (later that day), before I could start watching or working, my PC crashed! I was and am still using Chrome browser. The crash happened 3 times during a 2-day period. I have no idea if it was due to Viki site issues or Chrome browser’s update or app conflict. I did a recycle, reinstall and reboot anyway.

After staying away from Viki for the following couple of days, I logged in again yesterday and all was well for about 4 hours, although I still had to refresh (server connection alert) many times. I managed to release one episode of a drama, and managed to post on TD/Disqus (I assume it’s still there and hasn’t disappeared. lol) But when I tried to continue with another channel’s episode, the video just won’t load for me. Neither did TD/Disqus.

So yes, issues still exist (for me), and for others who posted here. It’s good to know of issues affecting site users. Thanks to all who shared (and will continue to share) :slight_smile:

I am sure Viki engineering is having their own head-scratching moments. More power to you guys/gals. We look forward to a bug-free, issue-free Viki.

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It happens. For me, it’s been happening on and off for weeks. It happened even when my posts were simply “Thank you” notes to fellow volunteers. No idea what caused it or why they were flagged/moderated. No idea if those were due to VIki or Disqus. When I asked Viki, I was told that was a Disqus issue. When I asked Disqus, I did not get any response.

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True. I guess all we can do is to wait it out.

I have had inbox issues since I returned from a 2-month mini-hiatus due to a bad hurricane. I have over 500 messages that I could not access. I was not sure (and still am not sure) if that number was numerically true or just another bug. From message previews of the first few pages, I could see that many of them are team notifications or promos. Back then, when I tried to read the messages and to reply, I would always end up being thrown back to the first page. I could not progress beyond the first few pages. I have no wish to access them anymore (to those who messaged me, my sincere apologies to you) because when I do, I get more frustrated. I have notified Viki and have given suggestions for a more user-friendly inbox. It’s great to know from their updates that they are working on it.


502 Server error anyone?
Help Center upstream request timeout?

EDIT … after an hour or so - it’s finally working again. But now I need sleep. Good night.


No link either.

@jadecloud88 yeah, it just sucks.

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I once tried to delete notifications that were old (dramas already finished etc.) and then I was unable to enter inbox again…

When I could enter it again after some time I didn’t try to delete the notifications again bc I was afraid og being locked from the inbox again so now it’s a mess with several hundred notifications…


There is another “bug” that I’ve been experiencing - every time I click on one of the menu options in the subtile editor, the thing I clicked on, for example manage episode, opens twice. It’s getting really annoying O.O

I had notified Viki of that problem before, but still no answer…


The double tab issue is also something I have too, but I forgot to mention it because other bugs are even more annoying.


Thanks for mentioning it though, I felt like I was the only one suffering TT

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OMG! This has been happening in my case for weeks already. I thought it’s some kind of virus on my pc that’s causing it and have been ‘cleaning’ and ‘cleaning’ with Norton but it still happens to date. It never did occur to me that it could be an issue with Viki sub tool. But who knows? It could well be a bug here.

True. Likewise. :persevere:

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Anyone having the same issue. A bunch of shows which were available are now in coming soon.