Viki Needs "I Belonged To You 从你的全世界路过" With Yang Yang



Du Juan
as Xiao Rong

Deng Chao
as Chen Mo

Yang Yang
as Mao Shiba

Bai Bai He
as Li Zhi


YES! We need Yang Yang, we love Yang Yang! Viki, catch him!
Anna, come with your fishing pole :slight_smile:


Certainly! My best fishing pole for my beautiful Yang Yang!


@piranna and @anna79_9 What are Your Favorite Yang Yang Dramas? :smile:

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I only watched 1 drama of Yang Yang, Love O2O “One smile is very alluring”, so I can’t tell about his other dramas (sadly) XD I just discovered this drama and I was a goner :slight_smile: He’s even better than the guy I depicted in my head while reading the book (which I’ve never finished since I found the drama a lot better than the book.& it already says a lot because normally I prefer to read than watch).
Also, I think that the pair was good, I can’t imagine him with another girl now XD

What about you? :smile:

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My Favorite Yang Yang Drama is Whirlwind Girl 1,
Which also was my first Drama, It Ended Horribly…

But Ii still liked it… Also Can you read Chinese? :


Here! You can find his profile page on Viki:
And dramas we got starring Yang Yang :slight_smile:

We even have Whirlwind Girl 1!
(Lol, if it will end badly, don’t count on me to watch this one, I’m in need for something joyful if you have any suggestion :slight_smile: I was listening to Love O2O ost and wanted to rewatch it again…)

I’m level 0.5 in Chinese? :joy: I’m not Chinese.
I learnt a little bit during high school as an optional language (not many hours and it’s been many years), and it’s really basic from basic + it was simplified Chinese characters. When I watch a Cdrama, I don’t understand most of what they’re saying… :sob:
But good news, I’ve found the motivation to take Chinese classes (traditional characters) since a few months ago as a hobby (which is also thanks to Viki and its community here, I want to be able to speak a little more and understand a little more when I segment). I have books and CDs waiting for me to open them whenever I have the time… just that time is something hard to find :slight_smile: and I love so much contributing that “I need to translate”, so no need to say that I’m lazy to learn by myself and open books.

Can you by any chance read/speak Chinese?

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I am an HSK 3 Student, Which means I can speak Chinese at an Intermediate level. :smiley_cat:
I Really enjoy C-Dramas and T-Dramas. And I recommend you watch Fall in Love like a Star, Its on youtube and has Li yi Feng ang Yang mi


Thank you for your suggestion! I’m always open for any Yang Yang happy drama :stuck_out_tongue:
We also have an upcoming movie with Yang Mi on Viki if you like this actress (it’s not a new movie).

Oh, cool! Would you be interested in subtitling Cdramas from Chinese > English on Viki?
It might help you practice your ears while listening to Chinese and write in English.
And you’ll be confronted to daily talks, expressions, etc. and it will make you search for terms.
But I have to say that translating is asking some time, well which thing is not asking time in this world… and it’s a volunteering activity.

If you might be interested, you can contact the channel manager of a cdrama that is in the process of being subtitled or the English moderators :grinning: We awfully lack Chinese > English translators here :slight_smile: Also, the Chinese > English translators are nice.

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I Actually am not a Big Yang Mi fan, It’s Li yi Feng I Mostly watched it for :smile:
My Favorite Actress is actually zhou dongyu
She plays in Sparrow and Never say goodbye
Another actress that is good is Tan Song Yun

I Can’t choose a favorite Actor, But I Like Yang Yang, Xing Zhao Lin, Li yi feng Deng Lun, Wang Rui Chang,
Lee Jong Suk, Junho, Lawrence Liu and a lot more I can’t this of…

Thank for the Subtitling tips, I am very Interested. Thanks you! 謝謝你~


Aah I see, you love a lot of actors! I have problems with names, I’ve never remembered them correctly, but I know who it is by looking at the face :slight_smile:
I discovered her in Sparrow too from last year!

You’re welcome! Feel free to contact volunteers on Cdramas whenever you want to try subtitling, they’re really nice.

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Okay Thank you! I’m Interested in helping sub “Faceoff” when It’s time, or Maybe “A Love so Beautful” :slight_smile:


These 2 dramas are on the “Coming soon” section:

You can contact the channel manager of A Love So Beautiful here, she can speak Chinese:


You can contact the translation Editor (I think she’s one of the people who can decide about this?), she can speak Chinese:

You can tell them that you want to translate this drama from Chinese > English, maybe adding that you’re at HSK3 intermediate level.
I don’t know what their answer will be, but I hope that whatever the answer will be, you’ll enjoy these dramas :slight_smile:

Wishing you good luck!

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A little bit of Yang Yang in that damn sexy silver shirt…


I Actually just asked about Helping sub A Love so Beautiful, :smile: No Reply yet but I’m still waiting. I am really looking forward to both of these dramas a lot. Thanks for the Information as well! Also are you a Subber?


My eyees, too much sparkling :blush: Ty Astrid, you made me smile (I needed it :kissing_closed_eyes:)

@shuyadou3_741, You might have to wait a few days for an answer, because people can be quite busy and they can also receive a lot of messages but if they don’t answer after let’s say one week, you can always send them a new message :slight_smile: Don’t worry about it!
On this forum, we’re mostly international subtitlers, editors and segmenters on Viki :slight_smile: But we’re all viewers too, so you and I are part of a bigger community who shares the same passion :grin:


The kiss at the end finished me. :kissing_closed_eyes::heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:

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非常感謝你, :slight_smile:


If you need something more smoothing, just watch him dancing, he was a dancer before his acting career.


不客气 :wink: