Viki Now Holding Episodes Hostage

I’ve been a Viki subscriber for a number of years now. I paid my monthly subscriptions fees like I should have but WHAM! Suddenly my measly $3.99 per month was not enough for me to be worthy of watching the last 3 episodes of “Manhole.” I guess in order to get more from subscribers financial extortion was in order, even though this company is using volunteer workers to run their business. I wonder how many more series, regardless of country origin, will now be held hostage to an international viewing public. Or a dwindling international viewing public.

I can understand needing more money for licensing programming for subscribers, salary costs, etc. I’m truly beginning to hate being treated like I’m of no value because I resent having to pay six more dollars a month. It’s not like I wouldn’t consider upping my subscription but when will you support my TV app so I don’t have to use someone’s “stick” to make another company money. I’m just getting the feeling and being angered by businesses, regardless of country of origin, treating their customers like lemmings. What happens if all the lemming decide to jump somewhere else?

They’re not holding any Episodes hostage. You will be able to watch all last episodes of Manhole with your VP Standard after 7 days (20 days for every new episode that’s just been uploaded on other new VPP titles). It’s the same time restriction free users have with new VP Standard content. And the extra money is necessary for Viki to obtain the licenses for kocowa shows since the Big 3 Korean broadcasting stations (SBS, KBS & MBC) got into the American market.


Thank you for your explanation. I wish your statement could be pinned to each channel for KBS, MBC, and SBS content (like Viki’s Comments Policy) explaining the Viki Pass Plus process. The volunteer staff must be really discouraged by the remarks made by viewers. Thanks again.

I understand what you’re saying but you’ve completely missed my point. I like Viki, but I do not like the way they treat their viewing public. What if I my choice was not to watch the content from the three TV networks they’ve formed a partnership with? Would I then have an option of say a $7.99 subscription price instead of the $9.99 price they’re forcing on everyone for the privilege of watching shows without the wait, you know, like we use to have. The delay for long-term subscribers, without any other options then paying what Viki wants, was underhanded. No, I don’t like ads, and I highly respect ALL the volunteers who make foreign entertainment available to me. But some notification for long-term subscribers would have been appropriate, and not the second hand treatment currently being given.

Your snarky response was not appreciated from the perspective that the Viki company should have been telling me what the changes were and if there was any other options. As I mentioned I was not free-loading, I was paying for the opportunity to watch content AND I’m supporting their opportunity to expand their business, pay salaries, etc… What my complaint was is this, failure to notify long-term subscribers, failure to support APPs for TV use, failure to treat their customers with respect. I’m reading lots and lots of complaints about Viki customer service not responding for help or questions. So why should they care if I’m unhappy.

What I was saying is I’m tired of being treated like a “whiner” just because I’m not happy with the way this company has chosen to run their business while riding rough shod over their customer base. Your comments provide a little clarification but fail to even acknowledge my issues. Did I find your comments helpful, only a little. Blame the subscriber, that’s what you did.

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Wait a moment! The higher price is only if you want to watch the content from the three TV networks forming Kocowa. If you are content without that, there is vikipass standard.

What do you mean with “underhanded”? Viki promoted their Kocowa deal on their FB page and discussions about a partnership between the two started at the end of July, weeks before VPP was a thing:

Well, here’s a piece of information to clarify. I haven’t joined Facebook, never have, never will. And gosh, their are other methods besides FB to notify users.

I’m already there, but until recently there was no restrictions on WHEN I could watch something, barring subtitle delays, then I would just wait.

I remember last year, at the time of W and Legend of the Blue Sea. Vikipass holders could see the episodes immediately, the others had to wait. Some episodes (four if I remember well) were free for all, but then not.
My memory is not very precise because, being a QC, it didn’t affect me, but I remember desperate comments by people. So it’s not “that” recent.

When the service started two months ago one of the banners on the front page promoted it and there was a discount for everyone upgrading. And did you never notice the KOCOWA button next to CREATED that should show up for you and wondered why it’s there?

Still, you could have done some research (Viki also has a FAQ page) before jumping to conclusions.

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Person of my own heart. You used the exact word that popped in my head when I found myself in this hostage situation. VIKI has become EXTORTIONISTS and I too found out in watching Manhole. It is really ridiculous and a bad business decision. Dramafever charges 1.99. I was able to watch the remaining episodes to Manhole on a FREE SITE. YES A FREE SITE. Viki is really not needed with so many free websites available. I wonder if this hostage situation is only for certain geographic areas.

The only reason I am still a subscriber is because of the smart tv app. I never watch viki via laptop or mobile phone and so I was not aware of what was happening when I could not view the last 2 remaining episodes of Manhole since all that happened was the screen kept buffering. There was no notification via the tv app regarding why this was happening. I logged onto my laptop simply because I thought the problem was with my television only to realize that I needed pass plus to view the episodes or wait until they become available. I agree with you totally re the snarky replies. They are distasteful and disheartening. Having now visited the discussion board I realize that I have had issues with viki in the past which was the reason I subscribed to dramafever in the first place. I am not looking for a response (I hope they don’t) as their response to you is my answer. $10 is too much. My viki pass subscription is now worthless.Ha! As for not appreciating those who sub, what am I to say. I do appreciated all their effort but it comes with the price tag like every other service offered. It is not free on my part. So yes I appreciated their hard work but since I am paying for that effort I have expectation. This is a 150% increase. Insane by all economic terms!!!

Of course everyone has to do/feel what’s best for them. But I don’t understand the anger at Viki because of the new pricing. KOCOWA was created by the big three networks this summer. They have their own site where the episodes have English subs within one day. If Viki doesn’t play ball, then you do not get ANY shows from those networks on Viki cause they could just force people to their site. DramaFever is in a tough way too. Their lineup of new Korean shows is very weak compared to last year. I don’t understand why neither seem to carry tVn shows as that is not part of KOCOWA. It’s sad where this seems to be heading. Netflix is now developing Korean shows and has contract with jtbc. If KOCOWA ever gets a Roku or Apple TV app, it will just make things harder fo Viki and DramaFever. Seems Viki is trying its best to stay relevant.


Lots the shows that i want to watch has all CHANNEL MANAGER restriction on it… Please add more certification on different shows and ENGLISH SUBS IN ALL THE SHOWS PLS.!!!
To the person that is paying $3.99 lucky for you!!! IM paying $9.99 and it feels like no difference of shows we can watch.
VIKI PEOPLE please add more and english subs more or we are gonna be force to look for different place to pay for Korean dramas we can watch.