I got a PS3 recently and I tried to find a Viki app since I watch dramas only to find that there were none. Severely disappointed, I went to check on the Viki app website to discover that there was an app available for the xbox360, but not for PS3. I sincerely hope that a Viki app can be developed for the PS3.


i want see viki on my ps3 too

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That would make me so happy if they did!

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Me too. I want it

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I think now is the best time that viki came up with an app for PS. Especially since PS4 has told in far greater than Xbox One throughout the world, Viki has no reason not to create an app for PS.


Yes, any word on getting a Viki app on Playstation platforms? I think a lot of people would be pleased to see Viki finally come to Playstation.

For all those interested, tweet @yosp to show your interest. Its’ the twitter account of Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios and is very responsive to fans.

Let’s get Viki on Playstation.

Viki on PSN would be awesome… I need it. Since my computer is slow, watching HD videos in it is horrible. So if I could use my playstation to see my dramas it would be great. :smiley:

I know it’s a long shot but anybody had any new about a Viki app on PS?

No, it isn’t on PS… =/
And I can’t find news about it

Omg yes. I would love 2 get viki app on my ps3. Whenever I’m on my ps3 and i want to watch some drama, i have to search for hours to find it and plus its divided on parts:(

Oh my God yes pleasee I would like to watch my dramas using my PS!