Viki on smart tv?

does anyone know if viki can be downloaded onto internet apps for a vizio smart tv or a neotv box?

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I have samsung smart tv and it has viki apps on it. I think you can download it too for vizio smart tv. I prefer to watch viki on smart tv but they don’t have so many drama like on computer.

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oh yes! and don’t forget… do not have more than 25 episodes… and other thing more, the Spanish subtitles are very very bad!!! I don’t unders

Were you able to download the app from Samsug smartTV easily from Smart hub? I tried but it was giving "fail to download .(2003) error message…

I’ve downloaded it sometime last year without problems.

sorry for making this post here, I dont knw how to make a new thread, any way. I wanted to ask how to make request ? if I want a video or program translated, is there a place we can submit requests ??? ?thanks

I have a LG smart tv but I dont seem to find Viki’s app, is there anyone for my tv?

I have a smart TV and you will find on netflix a lot of viki’s drama but no viki app as far as i know.

Only Android TVs and some Samsung Smart TVs have a Viki App:

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Hi I was living in a group of different people for some months and we had such a TV by Samsung in our apartment but Viki didn’t worked. It allways told me to update the browser. I checked the updates but cause I don’t know what browser name it was I had to search for, I couldn’t update the browser who was needet and so Wiki still didn’t worked, because most browser went like that I couldn’t downl them for the TV and so I didn’t knew wich browser Samsung put into the TV and so I couldn’t update it… that is so bad… I searched for an app and nope… but since I’m out of this apartment I don’t care anymore cause yes we have a TV in my new group but noiope it is not a smart TV

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I use normal HDTV with chromecast. With that, I can watch Viki

Ugh WTF VIKI? You can’t connect it to your tv anymore, you need to buy the viki pass to be allowed to connect via chromecast. I know this is a business and you need to make money but seriously? Deffo watching my kdramas with something else now

Hello. This my first post. I’ve just installed Viki on my smart TV. It plays shows just fine. However, I was expecting to find a means to select English subtitles. Does anyone know if English is available and, if so, how does one do that? Thank you.

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Yes, english is available. I don’t know about you but I can do it with my remote control. I go and press cc button (close caption) when you go to close caption it will say OFF you go down to English and click English (they also have options in Spanish and several other language depending on the drama you’re watching).

Good Luck!

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Hello Angelight, I will try this to see. I appreciate your input.

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Forgot to mention you need to go to MENU first and find CC (close caption) in some remotes (Universal mainly) but…

When I go to viki application in my smart TV they changed how to get the English/other language subtitles.
EP 1- (Title of Drama)
(play button)

CC (you click cc and it brings you to…


  • OFF



and so on…