VIKI - On the Rakuten Acquisition

I’m just going to post this here in the hope that the VIKI leadership will provide some information on the future of the platform. I’m especially interested in seeing how they intend to justify charging for viewing when the subtitling work (which is what makes the content viewable and popular) is crowdsourced.

Agreed … and also how is the $200,000,000 sale price to be split up.

I am just scare of what is going to happen I love viki, the old viikii was better more social but the videos would disappeared on us, now we have the videos but we have to watch 12 commercial per break sometimes the ads repeat three times and I reload and they repeat again. So what was better, I can’t decide yet, For me nothing has changed I still download my dramas because I can’t stand the ads the timed comments or the lag but I love to work in viki so I am not worry about continue to work here, but if I am going to have to pay a fee to come and subb here then I don’t think so they just paid 200+ mills and they are going to want to make that money over… No, with mine they won’t… With a paid subscription it would mean more rules and more changes and they are never for the better, I know because they have changed this site four times and it stinks more with all the changes than before, at least we could have the comments and cover pages on the same page, we could get messages on our profile and we could post here instead of opening a document online.

Hi Everyone, I’m going to close this topic as we have two going on the Rakuten acquisition. Please check out this reply from Tammy, the GM of Viki North America.