Viki Pass for Gold QC

Hi, I was wondering about something and I would be happy if someone could clarify this for me. I’ve recently become a Gold QC, I was a QC for a while and had the Viki pass as normal contributor.
I reached the Gold QC about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and since then I started receiving these notifications about my Viki pass payment being unsuccessful and to update my credit card.
I already asked at the Viki Community Support about this and they told me that as a Gold QC I had access with the free Viki pass, but I’m still getting this emails of payment overdue and today I got a final notice about the Viki pass payment and a notice of cancellation of my subscription.
I was wondering, if this is a normal issue and I will still can have access as usual to Viki as an active Gold QC? And if not, what am I doing wrong? :frowning:

I do remember that I once got an email about payment too but that was when they moved to this new qc system. I never paid for VikiPass because it didn’t exist when I became a QC.

I suggest you write the help center again.

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Thanks, I just made a follow up of my last comment with them, I’m not sure if they didn’t understand me or something.