VIKI pass - have you seen it?

Have you recently seen the VIKIpass on your account settings?

Can anyone tell me what it may be? Is Viki doing exactly what crunchyroll did? Subscriptions?

All I know is that Viki is working on some sort of premium subscriptions which allows you to watch series without ads and other things.
No idea if it’s the same as the site you mention as I never use that site.

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Thanks for the reply Dudie.
Crunchyroll is about anime and asian tvdramas.

i think they’re getting there. apparently, for 3$/month, you can watch the shows in high definition and no ads. not sure how I feel about this since we, the volunteers, are doing all the work and getting no profits out of it T.T

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Edit the topic, sorry!!

@miliefleurie Yes, QCs should have a bonus feature.

But. This was a road, as they said, to bring down language barriers; A language Silk Road, I still remember the expression. I only hope the non-QC vikians won’t be forced out of viki by this measure.

I, for one, translate for those who aren’t QCs. That was the purpose, right? Those who knew English, Korean, Chinese or Japanese translated for those who don’t understand these languages.

Mostly all QCs know English, so what’s the purpose to keep translating into all the other languages, we should all segment (to keep the QC status) and let the Korean/Japanese/Chinese -English teams do the subbing…

It’s a complicated subject. sighs Let’s hope for Viki to make some smart development.

Don’t worry Viki said there will always be a free version too but then it has ads :slight_smile:
And I don’t think every QC know’s english, most of them do.

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry that you’re seeing this. We’re currently testing a feature and it wasn’t supposed to be publicly visible. We’re in the process of taking it down and we’ll let you know in advance when it’s coming back.

Sorry for the confusion!

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@Mariko Thank you for the reply. If this topic needs to be closed, since it’s a non-available feature, do so.

I wanted to change my primary language and there it was - this VIKIpass.
I only hope Viki has its viewers best interests at heart ^^

Thanks so much for your understanding. I’ll close this topic now :slight_smile: