Viki Pass Problems and Volunteers blamed for

The sad fact is on Google when you research a drama for English Subtitles .Viki has advertising stating it is english subtitled.
Not many people are aware of Viki’s original origins.I also see in the comment sections, a lot of long time subscribers have your back.
Viki has always advertised english subtitles to Asian content.So a lot of people who pay for a subscription expect it to be subtitled %100 when the new episode comes out.You should not take it to heart.Your work is appreciated.
But Viki does get subsidies for their learning (educational)aspect Not counting paying subscribers and I am not in the know what compensation if anything Volunteers get.
Viki has been and is lucrative because of it’s claim of english subtitles.Also people want to go to a legitimate(licensed) streaming site and not risk malware and not deprive the creators of their work.So I can understand some subscribers misunderstanding. Viki needs to make itself clear So volunteers do not catch the flack.

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As for google search, all websites, including the illegal ones, have “Show X with English subs” even when they are not yet there. One cannot expect google to crawl millions of times to update the situation once the subs ar eup.
While English subs are eventually done for all the new popular shows on Viki, this might take some days. Is it that tragic?
Yes, the contract clauses should be more specific about the availability of subtitles. We volunteers have been begging Viki to make it crystal clear to new subscribers, but so far they haven’t listened to us. On the contrary, there was a post which somehow addressed the problem, but it was deleted. See a screenshot I took some months ago:

If you go to Help and try searching for this article, it’s not there anymore.

@irmar There is the same post with a different heading.

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There wasn’t a few days ago when I checked, and I checked VERY thoroughly all the articles one by one. If you notice, it says “one day ago”. It means they put it back.

@irmar For me it feels like I give that link almost every day in some post at help center or in comments and it is always there and it always says updated 1 day ago, 2 days ago, 1 day ago, 3 days ago, … I can’t even tell what it is with their update since most of the time I see no difference. Maybe they only change the link and that is giving a new update. I still wish for the impossible to get an actual upgrade of the update.
P.S. I always search at HC with “no subtitles” - and always get “lucky”

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Personally I think this rant comes from people that are malicious and love to annoy people bc it gives them some kind of pleasure /satisfaction to annoy others. Pure evilness!

It hurts and I understand you so much bc at some point we all **(subbers, CM, moderators etc…) have been in that spot.

I’m no saint and a few times I did complained about waiting too long for subs but more like asking why was this happening and if there was a reason. I know as a subber myself, the long process it takes. to sub a 15 minute scene. which can take 1 to 2 hours. Not to mention the segmenting which is more complicated.

I had to apologize several times bc it turns out there was a family emergency and the team was missing some staff so the drama was behind.

There is no excuse for some of the comments I see lately in here. Very rude and totally unnecessary. I wish RAKUTENVIKY finds a solution to this never ending problem. MY suggestion? ELIMINATE the review and comment section for ever if possible. Add a note that they have been removed so the TEAMS don’t have to read this obnoxious ungrateful people complaining about subs.

If they don’t have this section to complain, the stress level to the whole team will go down and they can work more relaxed. There’s no need for volunteers to feel stressed out when they’re not even getting paid to do this hard work of LOVE bc you have to love doing this lot to do so much work for free and in top of that sometimes get insulted.

My other suggestion DELETE immediately anything that has to do with complains about the subs. HAVE a person assigned in the team that can delete every one of those comments without the needs to flag them. AN AUTOMATIC DELETION. None of let’s flag this comment so it can be deleted. DELETE and is over and done. Get rid of COMMENT section and REVIEWS. PLEASE!

i should have added a temporary removal of the comment and review section.

Yes but the comments are not always about subs. There is also enjoyable conversation. I’ve met so many nice people through them. Like whack, cherrypie, charlott, anniejang, brice7irene_359, maddcat59_688, joongkijunkie, bunnyhunbuns, satindoll and many others whose username I don’t remember right now. Including the nice Korean guy who used dramas to find love advice to use with his girlfriend. I used to love comments by sassyshoes but it’s been more than a year she’s gone and I miss her.
Sharing what you just watched and your ideas, feelings, guesses, or rants with others, getting useful insight from Koreans or Chinese users, exchanging detailed analysis about the characters and plot… this is what makes Viki such a warm place to be, unlike other places. Everywhere else (except for one friendly illegal site I like to go when stuff is not available here), where there are little or no comments, feels so cold and lonely.
So if there was a way to delete the sub whining comments, I would be for keeping the comments section, I really really love it and I think it makes all the difference.


You guys do a great service and negativity can be disheartening. As I said a lot of people are not aware of Viki’s Origins. Going back to the old fan sub days and what it has evolved into.Bringing together world wide fan sub base.
Perhaps if Viki made a short film on what it is all about. Perhaps more people would understand this is not DF and not Netflix.
It’s a community of World Wide Fans.Not just a entertainment streaming service.I think that should be iterated.


Most Viki users only use the app and they don’t know anything about the volunteering side of Viki. A lot CMs send messages to the fans about the progress of the show but most people don’t get to see them. One of the ways these comment about Viki pass and them complains about lack of subs would decrease is if Viki users are able to access their inbox through the Viki app. I’m sure many people would still complain but it would be a decreased amount.

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Not only that, but when I tried on my mobile I saw that you can’t see replies to comments. This is tragic! That’s (also) why they keep posting the same things. They never read the replies to why subs are not there yet.

I submitted an Idea on viki ideas. Please give it an upvote so they can consider adding it.

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Upvoted. While you’re at it, we should also suggest that they make possible, on the app, to view replies to comments on drama episode pages. Now you can only see original posts, but nothing of the discussion under them.