Viki Pass Replacement

Why did Viki suddenly create a Viki pass? Is it for money to support the website? If it is why not just open a viki store, so people can support the website by buying merchandise.


Viki merch is a great idea! I would definitely buy a shirt :smile:
I think it has something to do with licensing.

Mmm… Would anyone know for sure?
I’m not sure how long they’d been planning it, but people had suggested it at some point - they didn’t like ads every 5 minutes and they said they’d pay to get rid of them. So maybe it stemmed from that.

Since you can’t watch anything your region doesn’t have a license for with the Pass or not (as far as I’m aware), I don’t think that had much to do with it.

Maybe you can suggest a store, and maybe they’d look into it and see if other users would be interested and/or if it was a thing they could do.
It’s an interesting idea.

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Why are there so many dramas not licensed for Europe ? This is freaking annoying. :frowning: Why should I pay vor viki pass, when I can’t even watch my favorite show. ._.

It’s unfortunate, yes. But no one’s forcing you to buy the Pass, so… If you don’t reside in the Americas region, maybe it’s not worth it to buy it.

There’s an alternative way to watch most videos not available in your region, if you’re willing to spend some time.

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I suggested it and I got no reply back yet. It said I should get a reply back within 2 weeks. I also sent a suggestion for a movie and didn’t get a reply from that either. Will they reply back?

Yeah, they usually get back to you eventually… I’ve definitely had to wait longer than 2 weeks for some things - not really sure how long it’ll take anymore though.

Hi everyone,
Viki Pass is our subscription service that allows you to 1) watch without ads and 2) watch videos in HD (when available). It does not make videos available to you that are not available in your region.

The only way to watch videos that aren’t available in your region is by becoming a QC.

A store is something that would definitely be interesting. It’s not something that we are working on right now, but that’s not to say it’s not something that we’ll do in the future.

@KLoveSubs, I’m sorry no one has gotten back to you yet. I’ll take a look!

Hi @KLoveSubs, It looks like Cynthia got back to you the day after you sent in your note to the Help Center. Can you please let me know if you did not receive that reply?

I would much rather have a paid sub than watch the ads. I actually think that $4 a month is too cheap - other sites charge $8-12.

As for a Viki store, while a good idea, I really don’t think it would sell enough to support the site.

I didn’t get any reply. I just looked through my inbox again and there’s nothing.

Here’s where to check up on your Help Center requests. (In the past, I’d always gotten an email when someone responded - did you not?)

I didn’t check my email. I thought I would responses back to my inbox. Thank you.

No that’s not it. I would love to buy viki pass, but can’t as they don’t offer paypal. Already trying to become QC. :smiley: