VIKI PASS STANDARD - Broken Promise of 2019 K-Drama?

Hello all,
As you likely know, at the beginning of 2019, a change was implemented for the Viki Pass Standard Users (USA in my case) regarding the KOCOWA dramas licensed to Viki. Previously we had to wait a number of weeks to watch the new episodes for on-air KOCOWA dramas. Then when 2019 rolled around, the wait period changed to 365 days. Yes, waiting an entire year to watch the majority of the 2019 shows is tough-going, but that’s the life of a Viki Pass Standard user. Well, low and behold, I just looked through my collection list of 2019 KOCOWA shows to review the days for wait times, and now on every single drama it states that, after episode 2, all else is for VIKI PASS PLUS ONLY (!!!), rather than the set number of wait-time days (e.g. episode available in 183 days)

Please, could one of our well-versed Viki experts here, or someone from Viki please clarify this: Indeed, are all the KOCOWA dramas now completely and indefinitely locked to Viki Pass Standard users? Or, have I (hopefully) misunderstood, and the KOCOWA shows will still be available after the 365 day wait periods? Please advise.

Many thanks, sheishun


Could you give links to five dramas where this rule is implemented, so that people can check faster what you want them?

I’m afraid I wouldn’t be of any use, since i’m stationed in Europe, and here special rules apply (aka, there is no VPP).

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Hello all,
Thanks for your reply, @bozoli :smiley_cat: I am so perplexed by this change, I hope very much to get clarification. Is it possible to tag a Viki contact here? I know these things happen (broken promises) but it would be nice to have a reason and full explanation as to why we were originally informed that Viki Standard Users could watch all KOCOWA dramas after the 365 day wait, but now it seems otherwise. Many thanks to anyone who can explain.

When the following KOCOWA dramas first aired, the wait time for the episodes 3 and beyond gave wait times starting at 365 days. In other words, it clearly indicated that Viki Pass Standard users must wait one year from the first on-air date to watch those dramas. These are a few examples, but this pertains to every KOCOWA drama starting from Jan 2019 (in the USA in my case). Now, on all 2019 KOCOWA dramas it states that only Viki Pass Plus users may watch, with no mention of any wait times for we Viki Standard users.

I imagine that most users here are from beautiful lands other than the USA, or Viki Pass Plus users for whom this Viki Pass Standard quandary doesn’t pertain, so I am extra thankful for any advice, knowledge and clarification. Thanks, thanks, thanks! sheishun

Wait a minute. All Kocowa shows are Viki Pass Plus. Since day one. Viki Pass Plus was created especially for Kocowa material.

Now whether the Viki Pass Plus terms of use have changed, this is another matter. But these shows were always Viki Pass Plus.

(There have been a couple of cases where, because of a bug, viewers without VPP could watch some episodes of VPP shows. One such case was “My Dear Citizens”)

@irmar Yes, you are correct, all KOCOWA is VPP. Alas, from January 2019, all KOCOWA drama clearly stated that I (a Viki Pass Standard user from USA) could watch the entire drama after 365 days from the on-air date.

Previous to 2019, from the time that Viki and KOCOWA joined hands, all Viki Pass Standard users (USA) could watch the KOCOWA dramas after waiting a number of weeks. In other words, presently I have full access to (the majority of) KOCOWA drama from 2018.

So if you prefer K dramas you now must pay more in any case to see them?


I don’t know how many K dramas are from that provider you mentioned because I mostly watch C dramas.

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wow, I just discovered I was translating a drama that most people actually can’t watch… wow… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I’m in Sweden and it appears that I can’t upgrade to Viki Pass Plus even if I wanted to.
So I’m going to pretend those shows are bad lol


made my day lol


Does this mean shows like the secret life of my secretary will be available for viki pass standard users on January 2020?

I would like to point out that Big Issue, The Secret Life of My Secretary and Angel’s Last Mission: Love are also available in Europe.

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they were from the beginning

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It seemed a fellow member wasn’t aware of this, so I simply pointed it out. I don’t want the members to skip Kdramas that they might otherwise enjoy. I’m also glad that Viki is looking into the matter of geo-restrictions.


Thank you AdrianMorales :slight_smile:

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Kokowa changed the rules on their website also. You used to be able to wait 2 weeks to watch a new ep. Now they are ALL locked.

@joongkijunkie Indeed, it seems all-around, the good old days are now past. :crying_cat_face: Adding more, then more pay-tiers to the tiered membership, such is the wave of the future. (I do wonder when Viki Pass Plus users will get hit with another pay-tier?) Of course I understand that rules change, etc. but it would be nice to receive an explanation of this ~broken promise~ or at least some clarification.

Within Viki it isn’t just the on-air/new KOCOWA dramas, they’ve also (suddenly) locked up many older (classic) and popular K-dramas, too. (I’m referring to Viki Pass Standard USA holders’ situation)

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