Viki Pass Upgrade Europe?

Does his mean we Europeans can also have this now?
And if so, how? Then when we sub, we woulf have it already, or?
Or is it just a meanie Bug ;_;


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Mmmmhh… I’m from Italy and tried a couple of months ago to upgrade to Plus version and I had a message saying something like “Sorry, but Viki Pass Plus subscription is not available in your country”.

I see the same since this morning. So I have no idea if we will have it when we sub or if it is just a bug.
Edit: I think it was a bug, I can’t see it anymore.

I stull xan see it :sob::sleepy:
But why should we get it… :pensive::frowning:

Well I guess it was a bug, this morning I saw a blue bar on the top, didn’t make a screen shot but this evening it’s gone.
Since no change here
I guess it must have been a bug …