Viki Pass

is anyone still seeing ads after upgrading to the Viki Pass

I suggest you to contact the help center department and write a report about it.

Yes - I still get them especially when I’m subbing - extremely irritating. Reported to
Viki and the answer was that the ads were not initiated by them but they came with the videos. Huh???

The only thing I can make of that is either 1. there are ads as a part of the video (but this wouldn’t disrupt the video b/c it’s part of it…) or 2. you’re on a fan channel and the youtube / dailymotion videos have ads.

If you’re getting them on official channels and they’re the Viki ads that stop the video to play, you should bother them about it again.

Try installing an Ad Blocker or Ad Blocker Plus. It seem to help. I don’t see any ads now.