Viki please stop doing BL, let others do it

I subscribe to We TV. They have the entire series of “Light On Me,” and I am sure that the translation is good. Viki still hasn’t released the 16 episode and there is less than 100% on other episodes.

I can’t watch it on We TV because Viki has the English language rights for my area.

If Viki doesn’t do BL that they don’t produce, the English language rights for my area would end up with We TV or GagOOlala. I pay for them, I could watch it. With all the episodes complete and 100% translation.

I don’t mind you doing your own stuff, but when you get rights to other stuff it is just poor performance. .

I signed up as a donor to Strongberry with is part of the Matchbox portfolio. It is real Korean gay dramas. I pay for all of them on Vimeo. I donate money to some of the not for profit Thai and Vietnamese producers. I mention this to state that I have a serious interest and I put my money where my mouth is.

Why should they stop? And since when is Viki producing? O.O
Viki Original doesn’t mean that they producing the series.
I’m happy that they don’t stop, because not everyone can watch these on WeTV or GagOOlala, because of the license problems.


Please be aware that the subtitles here are made by volunteers, and in my opinion are better than the ones you find on sites with paid translators. Episodes that aren’t at 100% are most likely fully translated. If you’d be watching on another site it would say 100%. This is because Viki also translates signs and messages. However, these things are more difficult to read in the editor, so usually, the TE is the one who translated those. That’s why sometimes an episode can be stuck at 99% or less for a longer time. The editors are volunteers as well, so their speed depends on their time.


I agree with Netty and Damiechan.
I am assuming (after going through your topics), you think Viki targets BLs for bad.

If this is the case, and you feel they aren’t giving BLs their all then you might be wrong. There are so many dramas that had to go through “tough times”.

My Roommate Is a Gumiho was brought to Viki when it already aired its first 6 episodes on another site. Backstreet Rookie was recently brought to Viki, a year after its airing.
There are so many dramas that were never completed (because the team found it hard to catch up, they didn’t care anymore, who knows). Incomplete subtitles isn’t specifically a BL problem.

Apart from that, you might want to go through this site again, They specifically say that you don’t pay for subtitles.


You labeled this as “General Discussion”, do you really want to discuss this? After reading your post, it doesn’t seem so, if you want to complain to Viki why not use the other communication channels?
There is the Help Center, that has the attention from the Viki staff, you can write a request, you can even e-mail them.
You have been here long enough, by now, to know that you will most likely only get replies from volunteers using the discussion forum.
I feel like you already complained about that episode 16 on other topics. What do you think will change, by writing it here again? Volunteers do not release videos, they do not buy licenses, neither do they determine the content of Viki.
So, I don’t know what your topic is about other than you venting your frustration. I can to a certain point understand, when someone gets frustrated, but at least make sure about the recipient.

Other than this, I don’t know how to respond to you, because there is not one question in your topic.
Okay, there might be a link of interest for you, but I can’t promise anything, because this is a matter of Viki as a company.


No I don’t say that Viki targets BL for poor treatement. You are pulling that out of the air. This is to misdirect the conversation.

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So let me make this clearer.

I generally make sure that every episode I watch is paid for. If I discover that I accidently saw a bootleg copy, I go to the legitimate source and pay for it even though I have already seen it.

So I am on Viki, but I saw episodes 6 to 16 of “Light on Me” elsewhere. I had to ask myself why am I paying a monthly fee for this service? I could upgrade my monthly donation to Strongberrry and help them out. Also, I realized that it would have no impact on me.

However, before leaving or getting kicked or whatever, I decided to bring up the issue.

  1. If we discuss this in our Facebook group I should have least raised the issue in the Viki forum.

  2. When I donate to Strongberry and say please use Vimeo and don’t use Viki, I should have at least raised the issue in the Viki forum.

For those following these dramas, it simply is a matter of who can do it in a timely way and do it well. The dramas exist for the benefit of the producer and viewer. Either the volunteer system works better, the same, or worse than alternative methods. If it is worse, let others do it.

I am not expecting Viki to change. The question will come up whether I raised the issue with Viki as a matter of fairness. I have. With this post and this reply to my post.

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It seems to run on Viki a week later than elsewhere.
But that’s not uncommon. Let’s assume IQ has first right of use and Viki has to get in line.
I don’t mind. At IQ - just one example - I would have to pay for the VIP pass.
Here I have series and movies from different genres and countries and can handle these things well.


Okay, I took the time to look up the subtitles of the drama you mentioned and except for the last one (15th) at 96 % all the others are at 100 % now.
About the airing date there is nothing we can do, whatever is agreed on for the license, that’s how it’s going to be.

You mean, you think you contacted Viki with this post? That is not necessarily true, since there were changes in the staff, there has been almost zero contact from Viki staff here. As I told you before there are 3 other ways to contact Viki, this discussion forum is not their playground #1 but the one of the volunteers.


Have you thought about people who don’t speak English?
Viki offers BL with subtitles in many languages.I’m French and even if I wait a longer for the French subtitles (they sometimes arrive several weeks after the English subtitles for the last episodes), I’m very happy that Viki offers so many dramas in my language.


It is fine if they want to do some of the non-global languages. Just don’t go for English.

So Viki isn’t concerned so much with its viewer base to monitor these discussions. That it interesting.

Many languages depend on English subtitles. Most European subtitles are obtained by translating English subtitles.


I don’t know how many people you think are working here, Viki staff was short-handed and keeps being short-handed, not only for viewers to contact, it’s the same for volunteers.

I don’t know what else to do, so you understand where to complain.
There is the Help Center

At that place you can write a request, this one is private and not to be seen by others.

And there is also an open page to raise questions or post ideas …

You can send an e-mail, which will I think now will be turned into a request …
Okay, just checked terms of use and there is no longer an e-mail address listed, it provides a link for the Help Center.

There is the place to interact with the Viki staff. Your mistake so far is to believe that this discussion forum has the function of the Help Center, when it isn’t the case.


That isn’t something that you would want to be generally known. I assumed that for the other languages it would be directly from Korean.

I like the viewers who complain and don’t want to look beyond their “picket fence” (Okay, a bit of irony here). It always makes me assume that most people never care how they get the subtitles. The translation into other languages is like @anne_21 says:

… or so to say - most other languages use the English subtitles as the basis of their translations.


That’s why French, German, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and many other subtitles always come after English subtitles.
For example, for the drama My Fated Boy, the 29 episodes are already subtitled in English but there are only 7 translated into Hebrew, Portuguese, Romanian, French, German, … The English team did not tell other languages that the episode 8 was ready for them.


It isn’t something that they keep secret. When I first found Viki and spent some time browsing around the website to get the lay of the land, it didn’t take me long to learn that using English as the basis for all other translations was the general way in which subtitling worked, and I am only a viewer, not a volunteer.


Yes, no secret at all.