Viki Rocks! Old HTML Codes Are Back! Design Your Profile!

VIKI ROCKS!!! :sparkles::gift::sparkles::fireworks:

We were all a mess when our profile pages became a mess last October (at least I know I was)! Many of us had spent several hours on the design of our pages, yet all that work had gone down the drain, and we could not fix it.

Viki disabled several features allowing for the formatting and editing of cover/profile pages after a security breach, which could have potentially availed to unauthorized third parties the account information of the profiles containing vulnerable HTML codes within the editor.

The issue has now been fixed, and all the older formatting features are back and functioning well within the editor, so you can fix your profiles, and embellish them once again.

Many many thanks to the team at Viki, which took care of this issue.

Love you guys!