Viki - Terms of service

I’m positive some people don’t actually read it before checking off the box that they do. Myself included. (Wait, should I not be admitting that?)

But I decided to glance at it today. And first thing…

By registering for or using the Viki Services, either through Viki or via Facebook, Inc (“Facebook”), you confirm that you are 18 years of age or more

Um. Wait, you have to be 18 to register an account? Because I’m pretty sure a large amount of contributors have yet to hit that age. I don’t see reason that this couldn’t have been the standard 13 y/o.

That was really the extent of my interest in the TOS, but then I just came across other things to wonder about…which don’t really concern the TOS all that much. But anyway.

You acknowledge and agree that the Viki Services is not and shall not function as an archive. Viki shall have no liability to you or any other person for loss, damage, or destruction to your Submission. You shall be solely responsible for maintaining independent archival and backup copies of any Submission

Obviously stuff happens and sometimes subs are lost. Especially since I manage a number of fan channels, there’s always a little nagging voice in my mind concerned about it.

Does anyone have any good ideas for backing up subs? I’ve fallen behind on it, but for my channels, I just end up copying the bulk translation page with rough times and the translations. If anything happens, at least that’s in tact?

If you do not have another agreement with Viki, you may link to the home page (and no other page) of the Site from your website, subject to the following

Can someone explain why that’d be? That we’re not supposed to link to specific pages?

This reminds me, by the way. Does anyone remember if Viki (or maybe Viikii) ever allowed embedding their videos? Why don’t they anymore?

embedded their videos? like you mean the ones from viikii to other sites? like blog sites?

Yuo! It used to be possible. I don’t think they allow it anymore, on account of the vikipass…

I have no idea how to back up my work and I have lost some work too since the channels got deleted but it didn’t effect my subbing count.

As for the last rule I sometimes link to episodes and songs on my facebook, twitter and blog and that is totally fine… I mean why else do they offer those buttons to share stuff more easily? I think that rule is there for sites where you can watch your drama’s illegal. I saw it happing a few that sites used Viki links to load in their own player.

The embed code is still there…look:

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Ha… Okay, yeah I see that menu all the time. Clearly goes to show how attentive I am -.-

Lol, I don’t even remember whether I read it or not…

That age thing probably has to do with vikipass too…because you have to pay and stuff…
No idea of how to back up subs either…

actually there’s a way for that, am not really sure how… i just read some tutorial about it somewhere…