Viki Translation of Semantic Error much better than GagaOOlala

I am watching the episodes of “Semantic Error” on both Vicki and GagaOOlala and noting comparisons.

Vickie is much better. GagaOOlala is a fail.

It isn’t just rough translations that resemble more transliterations, but some additional features which Vicki does well.

For example the English language doesn’t have honorific terms, or social hiearchical congugations, or formal tenses, etc. So the Vickie practice of making sure that a note is supplied to explain the translation is good.

In the citicial episode where Hyung is used for older brother the GagaOOlala translation just botches it completely. You have no idea of what the conversation is about. This is a pivotal point in the plot development.

The statment about Grandmother snacks on Vicki is replaced by 60 year old snacks on GagaOOlala. So the point that the person is trying to make isn’t clear. So the ongoing theme of the sophisticated but not so disciplined person versus the discipline but not sophisticated and old fashioned person isn’t made.

If I had only watched GagaOOlala it would be flat.


I agree that Viki translations are very good. I have watched a couple of series on youtube and even though the translations are good they still are not equal Vikis.
So thank you all subbers :star_struck::heart_eyes: