VIKI volunteers

In the end, Viki punishes someone for being ALM in December, and they grant you a new CM project in January. :woman_shrugging::laughing: Maybe someone finds the issue here.


I don’t know who that person is, but , Viki staff share dramas, if someone has been punished by Viki before for any reason, it doesn’t mean that they are no longer a good CM. People make mistakes but they still have their qualities.

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Basically yes. But it’s sort of funny if they tell a CM that they might be excluded from future projects as CM for adding someone as ALM, but the person who insisted multiple times to become ALM (and was removed by Viki then) just gets another project after 4 weeks. :woman_shrugging: I would assume that either the rules or reporting someone is just a joke.


I personally feel that RVIKI has fallen into a big, dark hole, and is struggling to come out of it; but so far with no success. Things happening here so far; no longer make ANY sense.
I hope they can recover from whatever they are going through before they become another dramafever story… gone and forgotten…:open_mouth:


Something like that :wink:

The staff is already working a lot on upcoming projects as well as other commitments, there is a lot to do every day. Have faith that one day everything will fall into place. Also, the staff is not in charge of punishment, it may happen that the Viki decision to sanction someone and assigning drama has been overlooked because there are a large number of people working on the Viki. Maybe it’s best to talk to the person in question first. Maybe the disagreements will be resolved much earlier.

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If not the staff, who is? Those who run this site have the ultimate responsibility to make things around here pliable to good and productive work. That also includes sanctioning. And particularly sanctioning after the rules they themselves made were broken.


Olja, why are you angry? :slight_smile: Everything will come in its own time, one should be patient. No one can say that the staff is not doing their job. What other site can you go to to complain about this and that? And you yourself know that the internet is full of Asian dramas. Viki made it possible.If you were in the position of staff, what would you rather do, your work that you are in charge of and that is waiting for you every day as soon as you log in, or to play the judge of the world to punish this one and that one and your work remains undone.

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Nobody suggest here that the staff go on a power trip and punish whoever they want in whatever the manner they want. But maintaining discipline, and by that I mean sanctioning users who do not explicitly follow ground rules, is the basics of any company. Same as one creates rules, they need to create mechanisms to maintain those rules. And the staff that follows. Without proper sanctions this community would soon fall apart.

And Viki is aware of this. Have they been communicating, limiting, sanctioning and giving second chances over the many years we’ve both been on Viki? Yes.

Have they been doing it systematically and therefore fairly throughout the community? Well, no, not really.

Now, I am the first one who always says that instead of punishing the bad behaviour, rather the good behaviour should be rewarded. By whom? Well, of course Viki itself. Because this community cannot completely regulate itself.

But sometimes it seems that due to the lack of communication between different departments at Viki, it is precisely (and inadvertently) the bad behaviour which is being rewarded. And that leaves a bitter taste in the proverbial mouth of this community.


But isn’t it someone’s job to answer the reports at least? Isn’t anyone hired to do that? If not, whyyyyy?

(I’m the master of patience, going for second anniversary of my unsolved report :laughing: )


I didn’t say they should, I just said that the system allowed it LoL


We know from our live video chat with them, that they are severely understaffed. For some reason, the company doesn’t believe it necessary to put more people. For months they were without a web designer, the person handling all volunteers was just one (Mariliam at the time, then Jeslynl, now Giant Sean), and so on and so forth. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but it seemed that Viki is run by just a handful of people who have to become Figaros, running here and there and always short of time. So it’s not really their fault, they should be more, so they can concentrate on specific tasks each.


Everyone who reports someone receives a confirmation on their email, which means that your report has reached the right place.

If by any chance you are interested in being a segmenter, contact me, I can offer you something interesting.

Well, I know I can’t say much as I’m just reading and commenting on the subject, but as we can all see, it’s giant_sean holding it all together. The only one who insists on answering all messages, at least he was the one who answered me the fastest, while the others*… where are they? I mean… I can really say that, I guess :sweat_smile:. I sent a message to others*, December 13, 2022, it’s been almost a month and… it’s still there, no response at all, as if it hadn’t even arrived.
I don’t mean to be rude, but whenever you contact the “others” we don’t even get a response saying “I got your message” or “I’ll get back to you as soon as I can”. I’ve seen many contributors complain about the team’s reply system. It took us more than years to get an answer, even on a simple question, is this normal? I don’t think so :thinking:.

Everyone talks about being shunned, having to deal with contributor schemes, not being able to get their requests answered, I even saw one thing about the layout, the 500 error that prevents you from doing simple things and even watching; and above all, having to deal with things that a contributor doesn’t have to do! Again, I can’t say too much since I’m just reading it, but… that’s the reality. I went through the trouble of the answer to my question; for the 500 error that is unbearable, I can’t watch anything because of it; and about not even knowing where to start if it wasn’t thanks to a contributor who helped me;

I speak for myself who saw volunteers without experience getting important positions and not even knowing how to organize a team 🥲; who had the experience of having a QUESTION about “how can I get back to being active in the subtitles community after such a long time?” avoided; or rather, I’ve seen things that the rules say to “don’t do it at all” but actually, when you dig deeper to see if those rules are being enforced… you discover things that are frightening and totally inconsistent.

I really like VIKI, but I only decided to translate because I was told that the experience and support was wonderful! The experience of translating here is incredible, but without instruction it is the same as “Cego em tiroteio” - Brazilian popular saying.

Can I ask you a question?
What are we waiting for? I mean… “us”, because right now VIKI is getting a lot of newcomers and I think everyone deserves a helping hand getting on board, but… honestly? I think we will flood if there is no communication.

My humble opinion, please don’t misunderstand me😅.


Dear, I never said that everything is great and correct that is happening here, only that the staff is overwhelmed with work (at least those who are left). There is a lot to add and just as much to take away, and I believe that all of that will change over time. Leaving Viki is not the answer, threats, even less so. Yes, we are all a little electrified, but to do a good job you need to be calm and think, “what can I do to improve the situation?” If it’s just complaints, one after another, do you think it will change anything? Complaints from volunteers who work, then complaints from those who pay… As I said, a lot of things need to be changed, but everything has its own order.

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I also agree with you but I have to say, I think we’re all frustrated because it’s taking so long, I think that’s the reason for all of this. But I totally agree with your point, it’s just a pity that we need to wait.



They now replaced the CM, so I guess it was indeed a mistake.
Still, the makes-no-sense-channel-assignment continues.

Usually a community requires community management which includes rule enforcement. When I worked in game support, they worked with either volunteers or hired supporters to achieve this. Generally, they hired dropped out students and such people for these jobs, so the salary wasn’t the best in the first place. But since Viki operates in different countries, they might be even able to reduce the cost even more. So I don’t really pity them. It’s part of their responsibility and job if they want to keep the translation costs at a low level.

Lately, we are supposed to guess the rules we found out about by sending them different inquiries (e.g. the fact that adding solo subtitlers seems to be prohibited).

Well, I guess only complaints can change anything - or if they face issues due to their management failures. Viki doesn’t really pay me, so I don’t have to reason why they fail in this regard. :woman_shrugging:


They’ve been “overwhelmed” for the past 5-6 years.

I could understand if it took Viki 6 months or even a year to scrap up a good support team for the massive volunteer community we have here. But for years? Heck, no.

The only logical manner one can interpret that is that the community is strongly down-prioritised by Viki year after year after year.

And that speaks volumes.


Maybe it’s best to talk to the person in question first

I have tried (indirectly) to touch bases with the one in charge like CEO or investors with no luck so far. I have a feeling they are reading about our complains regarding the many ongoing issues here, but so far I see no real productive results (changes) or answers that we deserve to get, so we can understand what’s really going on here at RViki. Personally, right now I have no issues that need to be resolved since the one I had before was nicely resolved (although it took a while) but at least it was taken care of. I’m just sad that we might not have viki for long bc of the way things are going on, and that I’m sensing a weird vibe.