Viki's Clara Kim Speaks up About Dramafever


So basically, “We feel very sorry about DF, but why don’t you join us instead?”


I believe RakutenViki, DramaFever, Netflix etc… are a franchise owned by the same people (CEO’s) but make it look like they are different owned companies.

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I don’t know whether to cry or laugh… I’ll do both :sweat_smile:

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There must be an ulterior motive for all this, and in the long run the one’s losing will be those that won’t get a refund bc according to them at DF, it was clearly stated in the policy they would not get a refund in a case of a sudden shutdown like it happened in DramaFever…

If anyone here got their refund please let us know if you got full refund or a measly refund. I would like to know out of curiosity.

If you google AT&T take over Warner Bros you’ll find answers, this has been a long negotiation and they are focusing on different markets… it’s just that DF was switched off overnight, which is a bizarre business practice. The content streaming companies do not have same people, you’ll find that easily on google, they are competitors.
I believe on the main page they do state they will get a refund.


Yes, they don’t have the same people working in them, I know that for a fact. But I do know these companies (even competing companies), out of large business gain merge together to make more profits. Maybe I didn’t write it clear enough but what I’m trying to say is that instead of competing against each other, they unite together for their own benefit.

Although in my opinion, Viki and Dramafever have always been merged together, and not competitors like they were playing all this time to be.

We have Americans, Japanese, Chinese etc…investors making up a name but behind all that, we have almost the same investors been part of this ‘‘different names’’ companies.Some might leave, others will stay, but in the end they merge as one.

A bit of news, no big news though (I guess they are getting a lot of requests about it. Why this post is under “troubleshooting” is beyond me.)

I was a long time premium member at Drama Fever and YES I receive a refund that was send back to my account.
At the same time I was also a premium member here at Viki, I totally believe that if one can afford it they should have more than one legit place to watch all Asian Dramas and movies.

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I’m so glad you got a full refund. I read that many DF members got a $1 refund only, or no refund at all. In regards to you been willing to pay more than one site, I’m also glad you can afford to do that. But my heart breaks for those who can’t afford to have that luxury.

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