Viki's mail for last badge for 2018

I just completed the survey for the last badge. There was a question about how many badges I have. I answered 10, but the badge for november it’s not on my profile yet. I’m very sure that I have gained the last one too. There are users who got the last badge (for november) on their profile?


Hi @tony83n_283,

Thanks for your inquiry! We’re still in the process of finalizing the November badge application. It’s taken a little while longer as we reviewed all subathon participants, but they should be appearing on profiles in the next few days.

Thanks so much for participating!

Viki Community Team

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I have the same “problem” i guess. I thought it would come ealier. :frowning:

I think we all have the same problem.
See mine don’t either

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Thank you for letting us know about the e-mail message sent by Viki.
I just completed the survey too! :slight_smile:

Is there not also the completion badge or is this that badge. I have all the others except the November survey one so…just wondering.


If you open the survey, you’ll see that Viki is offering 2 different badges as last badge: one for those who gained 10 badges and the other one for those with 8-9 badges. My problem was that I have answered 10 badges (because I’m sure I’ll get the november badge, but on my profile there are only 9 shown).

I didn’t get an email, I’ve scanned my spam folders etc and no dice. I have been getting other things so…who knows.

So…what to do? go to the help center. Search for “badge challenge”. You can find a button to do your survey for December there.

I should have 10 badges plus the one for doing 10 challenges. But if I ever want to win anything around here, obviously I’ll have to forget the editing and go sub and seg. :slight_smile:

Noah Veil


Yes dear editing is such a draining hard work but is not appreciated here (well I mean valued as it should be).
I stopped doing it bc it was driving me crazy and I couldn’t handle the workload it involves. You deserve so much from this site for your dedication and good quality work done by you.

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I have not received your viki news email… am I the only one, can you try to email it again with the link for the survey, thank you @camiille and Merry Christmas :evergreen_tree: :gift:

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Never mind @camiille I found the link of the news and the link of the survey!!
here is the link of the communique and the survey:


Yes, Simi girl :slight_smile: I have already found that survey and filled it out - however, a more obvious link for anybody else wandering here is very welcome. :slight_smile:

May you be well and have a blessed holiday season!

GeNie of the Lamp


Hola a mí tampoco me aparece la insignia de noviembre. ¿Qué debo hacer?

es aqui:

Guys I think now that everything is all right