Viki's website Crush

Hello, people!

In regards of the browser access to the website, I cannot go in with any of the browsers in my PC, to wit, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.

In fact, in either case the portal won’t load, the buttons won’t work and redirect. And I often get the web’s cache version, disfunctional as well.

I’ve had this problems in the past sporadicly and about two days at most, so I’ve been waiting for it to be solved automatically, but this time I’m having this issue since several days ago already.

VikiCrushChrome VikiCrushFirefox

I usually participate in some subtitling GOs and I am currently blind and incommunicado.

Anyone’s facing the same situation? What’s going on, and why this happens? My internet connection is good, I can navigate all over the net but Viki.

Light be shed on me/us @vikicommunity