Vintage K Dramas

There are two old K dramas that I have searched the internet for:

You Don’t Know Women. and My Daughter the Flower

Is there anyway to request them on Viki??

Thank you for any information you can share.

Yes, there is (but there’s no guarantee they will actually get it):


Oh, some old loved ones, and daily stuff, means more than 100 episodes, but felt so worth it.
The - You don’t Know Women - drama, had a follower club, The Wicked Ahjummas, haha, we tried watching the live streams and were guessing hard on what happened with our limited Korean until we got the subs, and yes it was subbed here, but long before the whole license thing started, so videos were not placed at Viki. I don’t think they saved the subs, it is hard to get such long dramas translated, then again, there are not many places for Korean-English subbers these days, or segmenters. I loved how enraged we could get about all the stories of Wifey, Rocker and the Toad … Dear memories.

My Daughter Flower, or Kkot Nim - One of the first dramas with Choi Jin Hyuk, I got to watch, I don’t think I watched it here, but there was a nice blog, no longer exists, who wrote wonderfully about each episode, found a great drama-lover friend there, who I am still in contact with after all these years.