Voglio imparare l'italiano

Is that title right? I got it on google translate. Heheheh

Hi!! I’m Leena and my actual name is Carolina. I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Part of my family comes from Italy, but that was my grandfather’s family, so I never got to actually meet any relative that spoke italian. Well, it’s a wish of mine from since I was young to learn to speak italian! So, are there any nice souls there that would like to teach me? :smile:

Italian itself is very similar to portuguese. I can understand almost everything (like when watching a movie or so), but I don’t know how to speak it. Any teachers out there? Thanks. <3


Ciao Leena! I’m not a teacher but if you have any doubts or questions about italian just ask. Here we say: Chiedere è lecito, rispondere è cortesia (It’s polite to answer a question, more or less)


Ciao, @leciram_luce!! Thank you very much! Would you like to chat with me? Because I can understand Italian. Maybe if we talked I could learn…

certo, nessun problema

if you’re still interested in learning Italian,I also can help you :smile: