Vote for Kim Jaejoong at Golden Disk Awards pretty please <3

Can you please vote for Jaejoong at Golden Disk Awards? :smiley:

1- It’s the first time he is nominated in a award since JYJ leave SM Entertainment. Some people couldn’t know so if ever I remember you that JYJ are cockblocked everywhere since 2008 because they rebelled against industry denoncing Slave contracts. The live a bunch of injustice and still up to know. More here:

2- It could be the FIRST and LAST time he is nominated. Let’s be serious. Many people know that he was nominated because he is against EXO and BTS who have many fans. It was the same last year with Junsu. They thought that he wouldn’t win so they nominated him (but when he won, they just ‘removed’ the price --’
I wish that you could help to fight these injustices against JYJ.

3- It would be a plot twist. Nobody even think he can win. Imagine the face of everyone and industry if he win? They couldn’t jut ‘remove’ the section as with Junsu last year.

4- Let’s somebody else win the time. It’s time to let someone else win beside EXO.

5- No.X was really a GOOD album. It deserve it and winning it could trigger a unprecedent. Jaejoong is the first to release a CD while being in army. If he can win even without promotions. it could allow to others idols after to do the same. Imagine your favs prepare album before going in army and release them being in army? The time would be faster.

How to vote

Step 1: Download:
Step 2: Go to Settings
Step 3: Log In / Use your Facebook Account
Step 4: There is a free charge option for Golden Disc Awards votes as well as paid.
Paid: 2US$ for 2000 points (10 votes)
Free: Go to ‘event’ and like all page. You will receive 400 points (2 votes). Come back every days and vote again (the points refreash after 24H) Or play and win points.
You can vote til 15X day.

Thanks T-T

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what bothers me that you have to download an app, or need a FB account, Im not fond of any… Ive have not seen
before voting where it’s only possible if you download an app why not voting on their website, yeah it says vote but then it tell you you must download the app, that’s ridiculous. and KJJ is currently 3rd EXO 1st… :cry:
I have no more memory on my phone… so… not good…

I try to vote as much as I can for a few days already :smiley:
But I’m running out of options now because they don’t seem to add more missions you can do for free :frowning:

Guys, please vote everyday T-T
We lose last day by.50% not even 1%. If we are together we can do it ^^

App android:
App IOS:
On computer: (download app of GDA after)
Log in with Facebook
Go on ‘charge’ -> ‘Event’ and like all. You can paid too and do missions~
Comeback everyday to have 400pts (2 votes) free
You can vote until 15 votes/day

Keep voting for all the reasons mentioned and also…it will be a GREAT WELCOME BACK gift to him as he will be returning from military service on 30 Dec.
He has already lined up events (Fan Meeting and a concert) for his fans. This will be a great surprise to give back to him.
Keep voting and do not be discourage.

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Meh he has been #1 for so long but is now baten by Shinee :fearful:
I’m voting for him daily hoping he will be #1 again soon.

I’ll share it here if ever

Nb: Those who waver about it. Think like this. Last year, Junsu won against SHINee in SMA (with best score ever). SHINee was in front for a long time and people was thinking that Junsu would lose, BUT we can pass SHINee in last days because of money. This year, Shawol spend in SMA AND GDA. They’ll not be able to beat us if we can raise a lot of money to use in last days. We have MANY people to vote but not enough money or ‘votes’ because free events was cancelled. So people, donate if you want help even a little bit :wink:
Even 2$ each can help a LOT!