Wait or Not Wait {Drama Version}

I’m always curious to know how do Viki members watch their dramas. Do you Wait until the drama is uploaded with all the episodes and subtitled or do you Not Wait and watch it every week it airs?

I personally can not take waiting every week for new episodes on a drama, especially if it’s a highly claimed ‘drama of the year’ type of drama, nope, I would be in agony every week waiting for those glorious episode to come. I wait until all the episodes are uploaded and subtitled, I just have to force myself not to click on any of the discussion regarding that drama, or sneak peek at clips on YT.

P.S. Let say for this topic we include every website that we use to watch dramas, not just Viki.


If it’s a new, on air drama, I wait for each new episode. It is frustrating, but I’m old enough to remember the good old days of watching dramas on TV week after week.

I’m not waiting for new dramas to be fully uploaded and subtitled, because I’m constantly afraid that they will disappear mid-season and I want to have seen as many episodes as I can before they do.

If it’s an older drama, I binge watch it. If it is not 100% uploaded or subtitled, I don’t watch it at all.


I tend to do a mix of both. I wait all the way till near the last couple of episodes, then I binge watch the earlier episodes and wait (not too long) for the last ones to come out.

Cause if it’s REALLY GOOD, I’ll be itching all over, waiting for the next one to come out. I’ll be like an Energizer bunny going crazy over the refresh button waiting for the new episode to come out.

And also, I sometimes feel like if the wait between episodes are too drawn out, I keep forgetting links between the episodes.

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@christina_ @moonandstars I don’t know how you guys do it. After all my years of being with Viki I believe that the only drama I watched weekly was I Hear Your Voice. The one and only till this day.

I’m too busy with life after… high school. I used to get away with watching drams until wee hrs doing hw and going to school with a 1+ hr commute…
Now… I cannot do it without risking academic instability. High school showing up was enough to do well enough now there’s a lot more work and my body can’t take it anymore hu hu hu.

I watch here on viki after airing on a weekend ep 1 to last ep in one sitting. There are other sites but they get deleted and that makes me sad.I like viki because most things are here permanently.

I do/used to watch W every week every episode but I have been MIA last 2 (one week). I think like moonandstars a mix of both. HOWEVER for chinese shows finding subtitles is so difficult if I find any I watch all of them as soon as appropriately possible because they get deleted @.@ and I get sad.

Haha. I do it by being VERY selective over the dramas I watch. And if I don’t like it, I drop it at the sound of a bat :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of the time, I don’t even have time to finish watching the dramas I sub for. But in some ways, it’s good that I sub them since by subbing, I get to watch them in a roundabout way.

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I do a mixture: watch as it is airing and finding shows that are completely subbed. I need my subs first so will even wait until they are subbed. What I find frustrating is a show will start out being subbed quickly and then stopped. I honestly do not mind waiting on subs especially after an episode has been released. But its a killer when I’m watching a great show and getting closer to the end and it stops completely.

As for why I do a mixture, this way allows me to getting watching in on my scheduling. There are days I binge watch, yet new release only take up a couple hours of watching daily to relax at the end of a long day.

That’s how I may be next year. After taking some time off school I’m going to get back at hitting the books and all I feel like my Viki time may shorten as well. Especially since I help subtitle dramas here and there. Kind of a downer once I think about it. :cry: