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Earlier this week I saw Frozen and right now I’m watching Alice In Wonderland (the animation) and that made me think that I like the older Disney animation movies so much more like Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Lion King etc. I’m not really into that computer animation such as Finding Nemo, Tangled and Frozen. I do like most of them still but I always have a feeling something is missing. What do you think?
My all time favorite Disney Classics is: The Little Mermaid.
I do collect Disney Classics DVD’s and so far I have most of them =)

I also like a lot of their ‘live action’ movies such as the classics “White Fang”, “Hocus Pocus” and “The Three Musketeers” but also "Pirates of The Caribbean"and “Enchanted”

What is your favorite disney animation and live action movie? =)

My favourite one : Lion King !!!

I love the story, it can be funny but sad too.
I love the music of Elton John and Hans Zimmer ( I love this compositor)

But a lot of Disney are great : Aladdin, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, The Beauty and the Beast, Wall-E etc.

I really liked Pirates of the Caribbeans too

Aw, I love Disney :slight_smile:

I guess when it released it wasn’t Disney but I love Finding Nemo. Does that count? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok maybe not. Growing up I loved Beauty and the Beast :slight_smile:

Actually is hard to choose just one Disney film as my favorite, but if i think deeply… mmm

Peter Pan, i like his history and the live action is my favorite one also (2003).

I LOVE the Disney Classics!!
My favorites as I grew up were Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast…

Omggg !!! I love Finding Nemo and Beauty and the Beast
Legends haha … i could watch both right now without getting bored… and i would cry again : (

Now that I read most of you mention Beauty and the Beast, let’s watch that DVD again tomorrow I so love it too.
Disney Classics never get boring and yep they make me cry every time. My mom thought I would get bored of The Little Mermaid within a week so I wasn’t allowed to watch it multiple times a day. Also you are never too old to love them… someone once told me “aren’t you too old to buy a Disney DVD?!”


never ever too old for Disney
I am like that with barbie movies !! ahahahah okay these days barbie movies aren’t like a few years ago anymore but i watched every movie…
Don’t know if I can talk about these movies but

I love her T_T
And this is my fav movie
I have her as toy even now in my room haha

I know all the disney movies, but i think kids today don’t have them like us, or it’s not like before… I just see that with my little brother… While i grew up with dragon ball or cinderella , he is playing with my phone or he is watching a children program that makes little children dumb nothing else

Wow I wrote lttl bit too much sorry :confused:

I have to say, Frozen is the best Disney movie yet.
Other Disney movies are/were great but when I watched Frozen, I was amazed and in shock.
One of my favorite Disney movies!

After all, it is the top movie (;

that makes little children dumb HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! omg im sorry that made me laugh so much xD

thats cool that u still have the dolls xD i still have bratz! i lovedd bratz.

disney movies! i loveddd beauty and the beast and cinderella.and toy story xD my favorite one though is the little mermaid!!
who says your too old for cartoons in general!
when ill be 30 ill still watch them xP

not a disney movie,sorry but has anyone ever seen or heard of this cartoon? i loveeed it but it wasnt very well known…

it was acctually called the theif and the cobbler but i guess it has two tittles haha

and im sooo sorry that this is not a disney cartoon, but do u guys remember the disney movies and shows from the older times,like lizzie mcguire!? (the show and the movie) and kim possible!

or marykate and ashley?(not disney i know.maybe i should come up with a topic for this haha)

To me Lizzie Mcguire (which I did watch too) are considered pretty ‘new’ :stuck_out_tongue: I even saw Hillary Duff performing live at an award show here about 10 years ago. How time flies.

Next to Disney I also liked a lot of other cartoons of course :slight_smile:

I grew up watching Lion King all the time, back when there were VHS tapes.

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VHS! i loved that time xP i still have them *no shame
that and cassette tapes!

: O u saw hilary DUFF PERFORM!? : O she was like, my favorite pop idol ever haha

Omgg kim possible omggg in my eyes she was soooo pretty and cool. Also loved that best friend Ron and Rufus haha
Can’t belive that the last episode was 2007
It was airing for 5 years … amazing how fast time goes by

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i knowww! i loved it when the song came on and she was soo pretty haha it doesnt even feel that long ago.those shows were the best

That song was so famous hahahaha still can sing it

well i think the state you are going through is nostalgia, as these old disney cartoons been released when you were young , and who doesn’t miss good ol’days, so when watching an old film you just remember all the good moments of your life back then.
but todays animation are as good as the old ones, and every kind has it’s own beauty…
ehem, am an animator and directed two short animated movies so far ^^
well my fav. disney movie is ummmm lets see… A LOT actually but ill try to pick one.
beauty and the beast
action movie: nop won’t be able to pick one this time… but let’s give it a try
pulp fiction

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