Wanna Segue but can't? (☞*❛ ͜ʖ❛)☞Bring That Discussion's, Post's, Link Here 😉!

Is Eurovision something you listen to, or watch? :wink: I’d created this thread for off topic discussions, especially when it starts in another thread with a specific focus.
Unless of course you create or find a thread more suitable. :blush:

Hi! Eurovision is a song content where European countries (& Australia) compete. The show comprises of two semi finals and one grand final. The ‘professional’ jury and viewers’ televotes influence final results. For friends outside of Europe, you can watch the entries and clips on the official YouTube channel :grin:

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Oops forgot to mention that the songs are in an official Spotify playlist too!

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Thanks for explaining.

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I’ve got to say, my expectation of A League of Nobleman has a lot of holes. Anyone else feels their expectations is not met?

I’m currently at episode 13, this Latest case has got a good twist. But, I find the League of Nobleman being lead by the guy at the noodle stand the let down for me, there is no confirmation of his background. Even at episode 13, he’s still presented as an orphan. I find the evil dough maker, to be, too much the focus.

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“You call follow this fan channel from Zhou Ye’s celebrity profile.
Open the link and click on the vertical dots next to the image of Back from the Brink…”— @aznative

Thank you!! :smile: I was beside myself to know how to keep track of it!! Yes!! It worked!! :smiley:
:goggles::safety_vest::fire_extinguisher::safety_pin::rescue_worker_helmet: :sos: :rofl:

The first thing I did was submit the “Show Request Form.”

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Aww Shucks! I got bested by @mirjam_465, by only 5 minutes! But this was going to be my answer. :rofl:

Whaow! You nailed it @lutra! I was at a lost.:rofl:


I thought that might be the issue, you not knowing. I’d say let it go, remember, you don’t even know which song, so there! Perspective is key.


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I had a post removed from the same thread due to discussion guidelines violation. The song was a bit colorful and also a repost because someone’s link didn’t work (might have been Mirjam’s). Guess someone was upset with the song’s lyrics. It has to be family friendly, even if its a song.

I think that makes it worse. At least with a list of the removed urls, there would be a clue to what is or isn’t allowed and a record of what was posted.


My music tastes consist of a lot of stuff, but here’s my everyday playlist. If you have any recommendations that you might think I’ll like. TELL ME!
I’m always needing new songs.

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Hi @auttygotty,
Here is a search list of threads related to music.
!Search results for 'Music' - Viki Discussions
Once you have the list open, you may sort it by “Latest Post.”

Thank you

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Both requested! :wink::crossed_fingers:t5:These two leading ladies are seen frequently now, but they do deliver! :wink:

:fire: This is fire! :fire: I checked the preview on the weibo link.
Request form sent!

Request form sent.

Requested! :wink:

Requested! :laughing::smile::grin: :eye: :cheese: :wink: :clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::rofl:

Requested!! Join me! :star_struck: :fist:t5:


@lucylaiche, @jadecloud88,
The below thread, has all the frustration of fans who experienced your agony. (⁠人⁠ ⁠◠⁠‿⁠◕⁠) :wink:
Wow! @jadecloud88, :rofl::rofl::rofl: you’re doing some serious :heart: ja!l time! We’ll have tofu for you when you get out. :wink: Just like in the dramas! :joy: Let us know if you see graffiti of prior ja!l birds, who’ve escaped the coop.

:notes: You may say that I’m a dreamer… :notes:

@lutra, @mirjam_465,

You’re both in a candy shop of music languages duos, and more :rofl: it’s like taking one chip, and finishing the whole container. :laughing::smile::joy::joy:


Oh, it’s a candy shop, all right, but this container will never get empty. :joy:

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Finally, made it to Florida for memorial day holiday weekend. Just passing by to say Hi!



Have fun, and stay safe.


@vikicommunity, @amm11 , @brendas ,
The first quoted post is flagged by the community as Off Topic, but not the subsequent posts.

Please look into who is flagging, and if they are aware of the guidelines for wrongful flags.

I am in the USA, but thanks. Glorious Day is not available in my region.

It is available in the country of the USA🇺🇲

I got a notification I was quoted in this thread by @leerla73 , but I can’t find it. I’m of the “leaving people on ‘seen’ is a grave sin” generation, so of course I now had to comment and had to ask. Hahaha! I’m kidding, but I am very confused by the notification. It might be some mistake in the notifications like the fact that it shows us all the old notifactions as new lately. :joy: