Wanna Segue but can't? (☞*❛ ͜ʖ❛)☞Bring That Discussion's, Post's, Link Here 😉!

My exact steps were:

  1. Choose and post an emoji from the list in the task bar above where we type (just posting an emoji like you always do).

  2. Right click on the actual image that appears in the post preview box to the right of where you are typing your post.

  3. Choose (left click on) “copy image” from the drop-down menu that appears.

  4. If your cursor is located where you want the image, then use “control V” to paste what you just copied. (You can also right click and choose ‘paste’).

Hopefully this is clear enough and it works for you. If you are trying to do this on a phone or other device, I have no idea how it would work. This is on my laptop.


Looks like the phone is my real block. Hey! If I ever figure it out, or find out how, I’ll definitely be back! You all enjoy, I’ll enjoy whenever I come across your post too! :blush::sunflower:


@bepina, @simi11, @frustratedwriter, @my_happy_place

L :eye::eye:K! image

The menu pops up after I post, not while I’m typing. Bummer! image


@ leerla73
Copy the emoji, open the “reply” paste the emoji, you can also write a message, the emoji will increase by itself in the “reply”.But remember that you have to put the emoji first.image :wink:

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@ simi11 Thank you dear :wink:


image :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

image , love it!! thanks

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:sunglasses: Trying your method :sunglasses: to see if it works for me too. . . Nope! I still have to wait after posting to get the pop up menu to copy image. Then! I edit the post real quick to paste the copied image. :woman_shrugging:t5:
This is on my phone, not a regular laptop/computer.

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hey if this senior can do it, so can you!! ya;lll taught me something, I also haver done it on FB!!


Although this was a reply to @simi11
I disagree. The duration is still too short.
I never vocalize the words in my head. :unamused:
@mas4, @feyfayer, what are your thoughts?

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It depends on the number of words. @feyfayer explained it well.

I will repeat what @feyfayer said. Here are two rules from the NSSA :

  • The segmenters always add 1 second extension to each segment created. This extension begins when the speaker has finished.
  • The minimum length of a segment is 1 second.

Sometimes, the segmenters can’t respect those rules when the characters speak fast. If you think a segment is too short, it must be because the segmenter had no choice. Fortunately, this rarely happens.

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This is what I meant.

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Is Eurovision something you listen to, or watch? :wink: I’d created this thread for off topic discussions, especially when it starts in another thread with a specific focus.
Unless of course you create or find a thread more suitable. :blush:

Hi! Eurovision is a song content where European countries (& Australia) compete. The show comprises of two semi finals and one grand final. The ‘professional’ jury and viewers’ televotes influence final results. For friends outside of Europe, you can watch the entries and clips on the official YouTube channel :grin:

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Oops forgot to mention that the songs are in an official Spotify playlist too!

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Thanks for explaining.

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I’ve got to say, my expectation of A League of Nobleman has a lot of holes. Anyone else feels their expectations is not met?

I’m currently at episode 13, this Latest case has got a good twist. But, I find the League of Nobleman being lead by the guy at the noodle stand the let down for me, there is no confirmation of his background. Even at episode 13, he’s still presented as an orphan. I find the evil dough maker, to be, too much the focus.

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“You call follow this fan channel from Zhou Ye’s celebrity profile.
Open the link and click on the vertical dots next to the image of Back from the Brink…”— @aznative

Thank you!! :smile: I was beside myself to know how to keep track of it!! Yes!! It worked!! :smiley:
:goggles::safety_vest::fire_extinguisher::safety_pin::rescue_worker_helmet: :sos: :rofl:

The first thing I did was submit the “Show Request Form.”

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Aww Shucks! I got bested by @mirjam_465, by only 5 minutes! But this was going to be my answer. :rofl:

Whaow! You nailed it @lutra! I was at a lost.:rofl:


I thought that might be the issue, you not knowing. I’d say let it go, remember, you don’t even know which song, so there! Perspective is key.


Keep the language, links, and images safe for family and friends. FAQ - Viki Discussions

I had a post removed from the same thread due to discussion guidelines violation. The song was a bit colorful and also a repost because someone’s link didn’t work (might have been Mirjam’s). Guess someone was upset with the song’s lyrics. It has to be family friendly, even if its a song.

I think that makes it worse. At least with a list of the removed urls, there would be a clue to what is or isn’t allowed and a record of what was posted.


My music tastes consist of a lot of stuff, but here’s my everyday playlist. If you have any recommendations that you might think I’ll like. TELL ME!
I’m always needing new songs.

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