Want to get rid of your Corona kilo's in a fun way?


Yes that’s what I like about Allblanc as well. They try to have workouts for everyone. From a hardcore Tabata to workouts elderly and people with health issues can also do. I did the one with Heechul in my normal clothes and it was fun.


These workouts with these guys are so fabulous and easy to do!


That’s a really nice dance work out, but oh 25 minutes… I’m not sure if I last that long, but some movements aren’t that difficult, it’s the duration LOL. I’ll try this and will report.

I think if there are more persons it’s much more fun!




This young woman has an interesting channel for healthy tips and moves. I just did the facial massage and feel great. The exercise I will do in the morning. Let me know if you tried any. It is well explained the aim on muscle or fat cells and there is a timer too :wink:


Anyone been keeping up with the exercises? :sweat_smile:
Was out of comission for a while due to an injury, so had to do low-impact exercises (still).
But slowly getting back into it.

Just checked in with the Allblanc channel and saw this

Is Mark leaving? Aww that’s too bad. Hope he does well, whatever he does next.

just going to try these for now :slight_smile:


I haven’t done workouts in a while because I was busy but I have been on my goal weight since august. Really should do some workouts this weekend.