Want to get rid of your Corona kilo's in a fun way?

Cooking music :wink:


For cooking it is more like this kind of disco music

If “newer” than this kind of stuff


Two weeks ago I’ve started with the Home Walking videos mentioned in the first post. (After not exercising regularly for a while.) It’s convenient because the videos are short and a good exercise for the muscle. But when I’ve got the time to exercise longer and the energy to do it, I love to use dance work outs. :grinning:

Turn on the music and dance dance dance :grinning:

And yes, sometimes you can find me dancing in the kitchen as well. :grinning:

I couldn’t resist, also some links to music for in the kitchen. Who doesn’t start to move while hearing these songs. :slightly_smiling_face:

2 UNLIMITED - No Limit
Charly Lownoise ft. Mental Theo - Wonderful Days
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Come Take My Hand
Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
House of Pain - Jump Around
Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine
Michel Teló - Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Video Oficial (Assim você me mata)
Los Lobos & Gipsy Kings - La Bamba

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Workout with Khotties! Yes, Please! Thanks!
I have lost 6 pounds and inches with a personal trainer! But I’m adding these!

That was harder than it looked and so much fun!

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If you want to see the skyline of Seoul or visit Lotte World while doing a workout, AllBlanc has the perfect combination:

Tabata at Lotte Tower, didn’t try it myself yet but now I know for sure that next time I’m going to Seoul I need to go there for sure:

Walking workout at Lotte World, I had so much fun doing this one. It’s so easy I don’t have to get changed into my sports wear:

Right now I do a challenge by Chloe Ting combined with walking workouts to get my steps in for the day.:smile:

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I just discovered the workout with Tanju, loved doing this workout.

Here is another one, I hope to do next time:


Tanju is very fun to watch :smile:

Today I’ve done a few exercises I’ve never done before, thanks to this video:

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Workout’s with Taeha who used to be a member of Momoland:

Didn’t do the Tabata yet because that seemed to much on top of my Chloe Ting challenge I’m currently doing.

And for the ones who are still struggling to loose weight I just want to say don’t give up, you can do it! It might not go off as fast as you had hoped but you will get there eventually. Since I opened this topic I lost 23kg by eating more healthy and doing workouts like these posted in this topic. I also feel a lot stronger and mentally I feel better too since I do these workouts. I really needed to get myself into some kind of routine with this corona lockdown.


Yup :slight_smile: For me, it’s not about the weight per se, but more about becoming healthier. Losing weight is usually a bonus (I actually didn’t gain any Corona kilos and have been losing kg instead), but getting fitter and more flexible is the priority for me.

Congratulations :tada: I’m happy that you feel better now :smile: I need to get back into it again (only do it 1/2 a week now), but I had to rest because of an injury.

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Agree, not everyone has to loose weight and some people lost weight during lockdown instead of gaining like the most of us (I guess…). It’s also about feeling more fit, stronger and feel better about yourself :slight_smile:


Did this one today. Laughed so hard. Suran is so relatable lol :rofl:

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I had been planning on doing that one since it was uploaded but was too tired after doing Chloe Ting’s 2021 Hourglass challenge. Tomorrow is the last day of the challenge :slight_smile:

Maybe I combine Suran’s walking with Taeha’s Tabata next week as both seem so fun :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for creating this thread and to everyone who has added videos after! This is awesome! We’re a year into 'rona right now (March 2021) and working from home has been killing my body (on top of my having scoliosis: curved spine condition) so I’ve been in a lot of pain and looking for ways to move more that don’t require me having skills as an athlete or being extreme fitness lover (I don’t have to feel intimidated). I love that these videos were created for people in my situation in mind. I think these will really help and will be enjoyable content at the same time! Thanks, everyone! :smiley:


For me it’s also about feeling fit.

Another one from Sunny, for those who would like to dance.

I can’t dance like this, but I enjoy trying to follow the moves. :slight_smile:
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Fun dance workout in which I failed pretty badly but I had fun. The song is still in my head since I did it yesterday :rofl:


Thanks a lot!

Still keeping up with your work-outs?

Today I wanted to try a longer one, after getting not much exercise last week, so I tried this one:

I felt that the speed in this video was a bit higher. And they have a mirror now, so you can see their side profile.:blush:

After finishing this walking routine, I saw this suggestion. If you are looking for a new work-out music video, watch this. :sunglasses::hear_no_evil::musical_note:

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I did that 40 minutes workout yesterday on my ‘active restday’ and it was so fun and I had to laugh so hard when they did record a song :rofl:

I’m still going strong with my workouts. Started Chloe’s new weightloss challenge this week:

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Workout with Heechul from Super Junior:

I’m a mean person so I died laughing when Heechul is suffering :rofl:
And how he was impressed by Louis’ abs :joy:


It’s not mean… it really entertaining :rofl:

Did this one recently:

People who don’t work out can also follow along :blush:

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