Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hi! i want to translate dramas - polish to English ,English to polish!
i have a lot free time !

denisse_bach needs help in swim!(dansui)

pm denisse_bach she needs jap-eng subbers for swim!(dansui)

Hi, I am looking for Korean/English shows to be captioned in English.

@smh_kpop You mean you know Korean and you can translate them into English? you need to be more specific

Please take a look here:


@gabyvtv if you address various people with the same drama, just use the
@ and their names in one post. Hope this helps.
Best, Simi



I used to sub for Viki for a length of time however i had to stop due to personal challenges. I’m back and will be able to sub again; Chinese to English and Indonesian to English.




Yes, I can translate Korean shows into English.

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Merci beaucoup :slight_smile: J’ai trouvé un projet !

@smh_kpop in that case can you help in medical brothers?
send me a pm on the viki platform not in the discussions for me to add you in the team

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Génial :slight_smile: Bonne chance pour la suite !

Eu gostaria de ajudar a traduzir de inglês para português.

Hello! New account but not new to Viki! I am currently looking for projects!
I’m able to do:
*Simplified Chinese CC

  • Chinese ⇔ English
  • Korean → Chinese
    *Japanese → Chinese

In order of preference and skill level!

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I’m looking for a project on with I’ll be able to work on.
I’m new in translating on Viki and actually I speak French, Chinese and English in addition to some Spanish and recently started to learn Japanese.
So if anyone needs some help for transcriptions please contact me I won’t bite :smiley:
Thanks for reading.


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Hi, I can help with the subs from english to german. Send me a PM :slight_smile:

Can you message me here:

Thank you!

Can you message me, I can probably help you get into a project.

Please contact me :slight_smile:https://www.viki.com/messages/new?username=gabyvtv
please and @lilianang

THANKS for helping me!!!

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