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Looking to start subtitling on Viki? This is where you can let everyone know! Channel team members will then contact you :slight_smile:

Looking for a project (SUBTITLE)
Trying to figure out the Volunteer process
Olá, quero muito mesmo participar de equipe que traduza dramas em português- Br
Looking for a Project
We are looking for Chinese/Taiwanse to English subber
Beginners & project finder message system
I would like to subtitle
Legendar de inglĂŞs para portuguĂŞs
Korean To English Translator
Soy voluntaria
Translate English to French
Szeretnél fordítani? Fordítókra van szükséged? Itt mondd el! ^^
Subber available: from english to french
New drama channels!
Help for segmenting
Volunteer for English to Portuguese translation
Anyone Want to work as a HINDI SUBTITLER?
I can translate ENG-GER or ENG/GER -Macedonian
English to Italian- looking for projects
Italian subber, looking for projects
Hello, anyone looking for an italian Subtitler?
Newie :) Sono italiana
Cerco progetto da subbare da inglese-italiano
Looking to subtitle!
Legendas de shows de variedade
Korean to English subber available
New volunteer for Eng to PT-BR subs
Arabic subs help
Subber Inglese-italiano
Mi propongo come Subber (Eng-Ita)!
Chinese-English-Chinese Subber
Looking for Chinese project to sub from Chinese to English
Si quelqu'un me veut pour sous-titrage de EN Ă  FR
I volunteer
Traduçao de ingles-portugues
Hi I want to subtitle some protects
Mi propongo per Subbare
Posso legendar!
I can translate
I can translate !:)
New Subber and Segmenter
Subber eng-ita
Mi propongo come Subber C-Drama
Subber disponibile eng-ita
Ciao Sub Eng-Ita
Disponibile come subber eng-ita
Vorrei diventare una subber
Nuova subber inglese-italiano
Buscando proyecto para colaborar. Traductora de Eng-Esp
From english to italian

could you please recommend me some projects in which i can sub from english into arabic ?

[Closed] Hello! I am fluent in English, Russian, Turkish and Azeri. I would like to volunteer by subtitling from English, Russian, Turkish into Azeri or from Russian, Turkish, Azeri into English. Is there any drama that needs help with those languages?

Hello. I want to help with subtitles…I can sub from english into romanian


Hello, I would like to help i can subtitle from english to french and from english/french to portuguese. :smiley:


If you want you can subtitle Karadayi (Season 2), its not aired yet but will air on Sept 9, I’ll send you link if you want. :slight_smile:


You can do arabic to english too, I help with Karadayi with arabic dubbed turkish dramas, if you want to join I can send you a link :slight_smile:


@sara_sarora @Bibirlici @adriana_conde

You could help subbing Black Jack TV
It’s not a new anime so you don’t have any time pressure and the english subs are 100% complete. Please visit the channel for more information. :wink:
hope to hear from you soon! :heart:

  • Arabic: no subs at all, moderator position open
  • Romanian: only ep 1 subbed, please contact moderator
  • French: subbing in progress, please contact moderator
  • Portuguese: almost no subs at all, moderator position open


Hi^^ If you need some help, I can subtitle from english to spanish/catalan. ^^


Hi everyone ! ^^
I would love to help the Viki community !
Feel free to contact me.
I can subtitle from english to french :wink:



I can subtitle from english to portuguese :slight_smile:

I really wanna help!


I want to help subbing from english to spanish. Please let me know any project. Thanks.


Hi !
Je recherche des traducteurs anglais-français pour terminer la traduction d’un drama Taïwanais dont je suis modératrice. Il ne reste plus que 3 épisodes à traduire, alors si tu es intéressée fais moi signe !


I can help with subs English-Spanish :smiley:
Let me know if anyone needs some help.


I really wanna help, I can subtitle from english to french :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m look for recommendations to start segmenting or subtitling from English to Chinese (simplified) =) Chinese to English is fine too! Thanks!


Hi, if you’re interested. We are needing help at Lady Maid Maid. We are looking for chinese to english subbers! PM if you’re interested.


@aurelia_faust Salut j’ai besoin de traducteurs anglais-francais, pour les drama Taiwanais “Our love”, “The princess” et “Autum’s concerto/Next stop hapiness”. Ça t’intéresse?


Hi! I’m always looking to help with German to English and English to German translations.


Hi! I can help with English to Spanish at any time! Thanks!


hey, i’d love to help subtitling dramas from english to german!