Wanted: German Subbers for Story of Ming Lan - Shao Feng & Zhao Lin Ying = Power Couple!

Hello Chinese Drama Fans! :japanese_castle:

I’m assembling a German subbing team for STORY OF MING LAN :heart:
This is a historical and romantic drama, a Love Story and about a young woman who succeeds in life although obstacles make it hard for her. You can read more in the link on Viki. Drama will start airing in 3 days, but I’m guessing we’ll start in January. Be known that we’ll use the kind of middle age formal speech called “Ihrzen”.

As you know the two main actors found themselves saying “Yes, I do”, in October this year, it must be a true romantic Love. :revolving_hearts: The more it will be fun to watch and work on this drama :heart_eyes:

Send me a PM either to Viki mail or leave me here a note with your VikiID link so I can write you back. I look forward working with you! :envelope_with_arrow:

Best Simi



bumping my post :wink:

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Hi :wink:
if you still looking, i would like to help :slight_smile:


Hey Lux, ich bin die deutsche Co-Moderatorin von Ming Lan. Freut mich, dass du helfen möchtest! Ich schreibe dich gleich über Viki direkt an. :slight_smile: