Watch List icon gone?

I don’t like the front page of Viki with their new version of the watching list, and I miss being able to click on a drama and seeing all the episodes on the cover page. I usually click on anything that is in that front page and then go to the watch icon on the top right corner to see my REAL watch list. The new way from the front page is missing A LOT of what I had on my original watch list. Did they put a limit on it? Guess I’ll have to bookmark the old way on my browser so things don’t go missing again.


Looks like I got the same issue, thank you.

Hi @joongkijunkie @faywartune_545

When you’re on the homepage of the website hover your mouse over where it says watchlist it should turn blue. If you then click, you should then be able to access your entire watchlist.

I’ll have to check to see whether the phone/table appt was changed, though, but I would imagine it will be a similar setup

yep , it’s pretty much the same setup on the phone/tablet app just tap Where it says watchlist on the app homepage to get access to your full list (android phone/tablet)

Not on the main page, but on probably every other page - profile, … - it should still be visible to you.

Thats the point its gone entirely.11 This is the entire page and the History field used to be there where now the Following list is. I didn’t find it anywhere.

You are right after closing my browser yesterday and open it again it’s not visible any longer.
@mariliam Is this meant to stay like this, or is there a change in progress? I am usually not using the watch history, but when I rarely do, I wouldn’t think of looking at the main page, because it’s even more rare for me to look at the main page.

Exactly, its gone, I suppose the web designer just loves to mess with html 5 xD I wish the old page back, it was good as it was. I to wish they would give us a favourite list where we can access those dramas we love. Now its even harder to get to those series we actually watch or at least give us a function via the main page as example: we can make a mark and it’ll automaticly display on the main page with a button for the episode we where watching or the next one. Also it would be great if we where informed of the changes maybe, a short mail with a brief introduction or something. Im just a simple computer user lol.

ah never mind it actually does, its new to… I FIGURED IT :rofl:

I understand you, sometimes I wished the same.

@mariliam I did go to the main page and tried the “continue watching” option and surprise the dramas I deleted from it a few days ago are all back in there so, there I go again, deleting …

What …?

It does show now all the dramas you recently watched at the main page, somehow it doesn’t let me post the screenshot before.

I know this was visible before I lost the watch history, the good thing is it really brings you to the point you left of watching.
The other point I don’t know what happens when you back to a certain point in the drama, … You probably will be brought to that point later. I have not tried that yet, so … But since I most likely will just leave a tap open, if I watch a drama. I don’t have to use watch history.

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Yes, this function must be new. I usually accessed my page via a link directly to my profile for the watchlist since I cant see the list at the video page anymore. But its all good now, they actually did what I suggested so i’m happy. I think we just have to be patient and see how they figure their new design. Im just fine if I can watch these awesome tv shows :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh, and I found a Viki statement at the Help Center. So it seems that it’s just that. Sure it is faster, if and I say if you access Viki through the main page.