Watch Parties coming up very soon!

Hello! Watch Parties are still going on even if Viki no longer plays them on the home page!
Join us on D i s c o r d’s Drama Lovers group for the watch party links!
D i s c o r d link to Drama Lovers group - Drama Lovers

Upcoming Watch party premieres
(WP Links will appear on the D i s c o r d event calendar on the day they will run)
THIS Sat Dec 23 - My Demon (EP 1 & 2)
NOON Mountain time / 8 PM CET
kdramaAli will run this on April 2nd at 8:30 PM Eastern time for the Americas.

Next Thursday, Dec 28, Arsenal Military Academy (ep 4-6)

Jan 9, Tail of the Nine-Tailed 1938 (Ep 1& 2)

Jan 11, Inextricable Destiny - (Ep 1/2/3)

Jan 12 - Welcome to Samdalri (Ep 1/2)


Oooh, Samdalri! Nice, I’m in :blush:

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Nirvana In Fire is no longer available in my region.
Therefore I’m starting a new watch party. Starting in a couple of minutes (8PM CET)

Click here for a watch party for Wonderland Of Love

The WP of ep 1/2/3 has ended. Next Sunday ep 4-6. Feel free to let us know if you would like to join.

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my dis cord acct got deactivated and I created a new one and it says my email is already in use and I can’t claim the new account because it knows my email. I cant send messages or replies since I can’t claim my account… I can’t navigate around it ;( although I seem to be in that new account…
@porkypine @bozoli perhaps you have an idea?

Update: after several tweaking I was able to reset my ■■■■■■■■ to my expired account and it worked… it’s strange!! And why would they censor “pass/word” so weird…


I have no idea. You don’t see a retrieve pass-word option?

Todays watch party has ended. If you want to join next week, we can send you a viki invitation. You don’t need a D-account for that.
Dis-cord is usefull to see the calender of the wp’s. Perhaps someone knows what to do with your D-account?

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Sorry I couldn’t respond right away to help you. Glad you find your way through in the end!


I’m glad you were able to reset your pass-word and are able to log in to your account.
I thought the word was blocked because of the word “sword” in it, but I can type this word without the word being blocked. Perhaps to prevent people to share their pass-words on the forum? Don’t share your pass-word with others on the forum. :slight_smile:

Anyways, to get back on topic:
If anyone wants to join one or more of the watch parties mentioned in this thread, you are welcome to join.
Or if you have any questions about the watch parties or how to join, feel free to ask.
Several are starting with the first episodes this week and we usually watch a few episodes a week weekly, so feel free to join us when you can.


I probably won’t be able to join regularly, but that sounds nice, so I’ll try every now and then?
I was a little confused when I joined the ■■■■■■■ because it looked like the links (I found) were all to parties/events that took place some time ago, but after a while I understood it’s all under “Events” at the top now. Just saying that for newcomers who would be a bit lost at first too.

See you in a bit, hopefully!


Yea, Some people post them in Chit-chat for their close friends but the WP links get lost there. I post my Watch Parties in Events so anyone interested can find them at any time and see when I intend to run them.


Tail of the Nine-Tailed 1938 I’m in :star_struck:

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I’m having a flu so I’m not much here…

I’ve finished the series “Falling Into Your Smile” and I’m starting “Accidentally Meow On You” I have everything comedic and romantic so if you would like to offer me some thank you

A new watch party is starting tomorrow at 8PM CET for Love Like the Galaxy.
Everyone is welcome. Feel free to join.


Hello, I would like to join a watch party but I haven’t seen one recently do they appear on certain days or certain shows?

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Public watch parties no longer appear at the top of the Viki home page. They moved to the bottom of the page because there were too many lookie-loos who only peeked in but did not stay - the audience filled up but everyone left - so people who DID want to attend, could not get in. The limit was 40 seats. Also, Viki only advertised the on-air shows that were subscription-based. We run watch parties for the free shows also.

Those of us who regularly run watch parties post them in our D I S C O R D group called, “Drama Lovers.” We advertise our events so people know when we are planning to run a watch party. The times are automatically correct for every time zone.
The times in these events reflect my Mountain Time Zone. If you were on CET then the time would say 8 PM CET instead of Noon MT

Screenshot 2024-04-23 170706

(event sample)
Screenshot 2024-04-23 171530

The link is open for any drama lovers. This link is only good for 7 days but we can send fresh requests if someone wants one.


Thank you for this information, I will join the ■■■■■■■!


For me is My Demon


I liked My Demon. We ran a watch party for that last fall.

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