WATCH PARTIES FAIL to load next episode

VIKI - Please fix the watch parties! Next episode function is extremely buggy. Every watch party I’ve run in the last 2 weeks have failed to load the next episode. I and others have had to reload the screen several times. Sometimes, we just give up and start a new watch party but then we lose viewers.

PLEASE FIX IT. It is due to some coding change your site implemented a couple of weeks ago.

It happens with all browsers.
Windows 11

It goes forward one episode, rolls back one episode goes forward and back again, hiccupping constantly.
OR we get the Loading screen and nothing.


This happened all night last night in my Hotel Del Luna watch party.

It returns to the previous eps as you are trying to forward and it does a ghost voice overlay

then you get an X

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I hear that it’s been happening to every watch party lately.

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So it was happening tonight - YES - it would not advance - although the last eps it finally advanced but had the audio double play back - we refreshed and we got it to work after a while. But it is NOT fixed

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