WATCH PARTY - FINISHED - Along with the Gods: The Last 49 days! Sunday, Nov 14 - NOON ET


NEW: Watch Along with the Gods: The Last 49 days!

Sunday, November 14 - NOON - Eastern Time Zone!

Link -



I can’t make this one - but you guys have fun!!!




It may be earlier if Vivi and Padmalayag want me to move the time for them.


I have to have like 1 pm on Sundays! That’s ok you guys have fun!!! I don’t need to make all of them


I will try to remember to make it.


I don’t think I can join!
I’m sorry!


Along with @padmalayag me too, can’t join… sorry


Ok. We can try another time if you let us know what works better for you. We are 12 hours opposite you guys. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s no biggee, If people can’t make it I’ll reschedule. We’ll see tomorrow who shows up. :sunglasses:


How about 9 pm for you guys,
It’s 7:30 am so I can come tmr.
12:00 pm 14 Nov for
What’s your time now?


My time right now is 11:44 PM Mountain Time

But the 8 PM time slot for tmorrow, Nov 14 - Sunday - is taken for Descendants of the Sun EP 15 and 16.

We can try a different day. :sunglasses: I may cancel if no one shows up. Won’t know until tomorrow. at 10 am my time.


Then you guys have fun,
I’ll inform later when I can join.
Probably after the subathon.


Ok! :smiley:


I could join at noon ET.


Hey Porky! There are 5 or 6 of us here to watch the movie! :wink:


where’s the link? I’m clueless today


Near the top of this thread.


new watchparty


But I think we will be switching to another link soon.


thanks, my brain’s not working well right now. :woman_facepalming:t3: