Watch Party - FINISHED - DIVINE FURY Sunday Nov 14, 6:45 PM ET


In nomine Patri et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti

Watch Party - DIVINE FURY Sunday, Nov 14, 6:45 PM ET

Link: Divine Fury -

Bring your Rosaries, Holy Water, Aruda, Candelaria, and maybe even have the Banyo!

It’s after Halloween but it’s time to get scared! We were talking about this and decided that Sunday was a good day to get scared.



Aw drats I hv company coming at 4

Woo Do
I’ll miss my baby woo do


Well, I posted Along with the gods early for Vivi and padmalayag but they can’t make the time so I may cancel it for another time and move Divine Fury up. What time can you make?


Can we do it at 7.


It is 129 minutes so it would run into the beginning of DOS.

Can you do 6:45 PM ET?


Yep i should be


Ok. I’ll tell Natyh and move it to 6:45 PM
(We were watching it in the daytime because Woo Do Hwan IS FREAKING SCARY! !!!)



It will be night for me and he is STILL HOT!


LINK for tonight at 6:45 PM ET

Divine Fury -




I watched Divine Fury not very long ago, I don’t think I can watch it again so soon. lol


Nooo, I’m already scared and I saw this comment lol


sorry. It’s really good. There was a point I had to stop and look up the Apostles Creed and recite it a few times.

I’m not helping am I?


What do you think? lol


You got that right!

But you will be with all of us! We need group protection to watch this movie!


Ok, I’ll think about it, it was really good.