Watch Party issues since most recent updates

Hello everyone,

My friends and I like Viki’s Watch Parties a lot. We have several Watch Parties a week. There have always been some smaller issues, such as being unable to watch more than one episode with one link, or sound issues such as double sound with a slight delay in between, no sound at all or delayed sound, which could be solved by reloading the page (several times).

But since the most recent updates the problems got even worse.

There are no buttons at the bottom of the browser window anymore. So participants of the Watch Party are unable to watch the episode or movie in full screen mode and can’t adjust the subtitles or volume anymore and to top it all off - you can’t report the problems occurring either as - of course - that button doesn’t exist anymore either.

(As a matter of fact, if you start another drama in another browser window and change the subtitle settings there, it will at least change your subtitle settings for the watch party, if you are able to reload the page successfully that is)

The host of the Watch Party can’t skip the previews and Ending OSTs anymore. So before starting the next episode you are bound to watch some spoilers in the previews or Ending OST.

On top of that the Watch Party Chat doesn’t work either.

There are some major issues right now.

It occurred to me frequently, that I was unable to submit my messages in the Viki Watch Party Chat.
To be more precise, I was unable to type more than one key in the chat window, before I was somewhat “kicked out” several times back to back.
Most other participants of the Watch Parties I was in, had the same issues.

Have you experienced similar problems?

Can these problems please be solved. @vikicommunity

Because like this with all these technical issues the Watch Parties aren’t as fun anymore.


That sounds dreadful. Our watch party group got used to the previous set of WP issues, but we’ve mostly been sticking to Nflx WPs lately, so I haven’t had a chance to see if the problems you’ve mentioned happen for us too.

Watch parties are such a wonderful feature, but the issues you’ve described seem to make them completely useless. We’ve been planning to start a new Viki drama WP sometime this coming week. We’ll see if we experience the same. If you haven’t already submitted an official help ticket, I’d suggest that you do so, just in case they haven’t been informed of the problems yet.


Oh, no! :scream: It looks like you might need some help. I’m not saying that you do…:face_with_peeking_eye: But I think you should contact the help center, for some help, you know…

I can only confirm all the problems stated above. We’re fighting our way through a watch party every time :roll_eyes:, so it’s not that much fun anymore.


Besides the fact that I issued a help ticket, it seems to be a common problem, not a “personal” one.


Our entire chat group has always loved watch parties…but Viki made some changes, maybe upgrades or something and for four weeks straight we have been unable to use the feature. To echo the remarks above, it is not a personal problem, it is a Viki problem. Out of our entire chat group which is many…not one of us can use this feature. Sometimes there is no sound, sometimes no one is able to type a message, sometimes it won’t go to the next episode, yada yada yada…and yes, the Viki no help knows about this problem but so far has NOT fixed and yes, we have contacted them…but so far…nothing,.


Sad to hear that you experienced the same issues. But sadly I am not surprised.

But I may say since I started this topic there have at least been some improvements. Since the 10th of august my fellow watch party participants and I can see the buttons again. So it is at least a little bit easier to navigate through the episodes.

But the “chat problem” is still a major one. Especially if the host of the watch party is concerned, as the video is paused every time, he or she gets kicked out of the chat window.

Apart from that, there are only the smaller issues left, which we all got already used to.
Like the double sound, the problem, that the party won’t proceed with the next episode unless you create a new watch party link, and the likes.

At least making the issues public here, seems to have helped. I hope that Viki can fix the other issues soon, too, so that we all can enjoy those watch parties, that we like so much.

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Yeah, at first we thought it was the host, so we kept passing it around, so that each person in our group could host it…but the same problems including the ones you mentioned…happened with everyone, no matter which country or computer.
Most of the problems were related to sound and chatting…so what is the fun of watching something together with friends, if there is no sound and you can’t chat? So we have dropped it for now…
I hope they can fix it too, this is a bummer!
Fingers crossed…