Watch Party - Kiss Goblin - Sunday, Oct. 10, 2021 @ 1PM eastern


Sorry peeps. I had to make a new thread cuz I can’t edit the old one with the current show. Please ignore the old one.

KISS GOBLIN this Sunday, October 10, 2021 @ 1 pm eastern

Link -


@porkypine90_261 Surely !


I’ll be skipping this one, I’ve got too much going on tomorrow (or today depending you your time zone)



Kiss Goblin Will Be Our Watch Party on Sunday, Oct 10, 1 pm Eastern :kissing_heart:

you wanna host or me???


I wanted to ask that if I change subtitle language for me in WP, would it affect any other viewers in the watch party?


WP ?

Thing is many people watch it, they are from different regions maybe they would have problem with subtitles.
I don’t know much about controls in Watch Party. Tell them @kdrama2020ali ! :yellow_heart:


I don’t think changing your sub language will affect the WP. All the controls are in the host’s hand, but the sub language can be changed by any member. That means subtitle settings are probably only your own.



When I run a watch party it is in English but I would think that you can control your subtitles. I have control over stopping and starting only once I start a watch party.


Here is our Watch Party Link - See You at 1 pm Eastern


Oh! YOu got it going before me! Did you name it 도깨비 보보? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grin:


It’s Name is
Kissing that Goblin!


Hello! Nope! Your selected language has no effect on the other viewers. You select from the available languages at the bottom of the viewing screen. A language icon appears there once the show starts.



Thank you for the clarification @perspective_of_life @vivi_1485 @kdrama2020ali and @porkypine90_261 :grin:

I’ll be waiting at the other side in a few minutes :wink: