Watch Party - Lovers of the Red Sky -FINISHED!


Tonight’s Watch Party Link!


I’m so confused - Didn’t you guys go further - Are you sure we are on Eps 6???
I thought I missed something!!!


My records show that we finished episode 6. Not certain.

I might actually have to miss tonight’s watch party because I am nearing the end of the drama I’m currently watching and I don’t think I can tear myself away from it.


You called me back for the kiss - yes - so I am behind - I might have to bow out tonight and catch up!


This still on?? Im down



just starting EP 8 now



Now, why is our normally sharp-dressing hottie looking so disheveled and smiling?


Look what I found!!!



Watch Party Nov 20, 7 PM ET




you got a good one of his face in the stars.


Screen Shots from Eps 10
Red Sky!


Remember! Friday Night at 7 PM ET Episode 13 & 14!

LINK= TBA (Friday)


Did I miss the 11 & 12 WP? I guess I need to catch up tomorrow before


hmm Maybe it is 11 and 12. I’ve forgotten. I’ll check once I load the watch party tomorrow.


Haa! Ha! :rofl: I bet! :rofl:


I say it is 11 and 12 we are on! So That is what we are watching tonight right???


Lover’s of The Red Sky! ” Episodes 11/12 (Friday) & 13/14 (Saturday)

November 26 & 27 at 7 PM ET



I may or may not be traveling at the time of this watch party. I’ll be there if I can.