Watch Party - Lovers of the Red Sky -FINISHED!


Lovers of The Red Sky - FINALE EP 15/16 TONIGHT 7 PM ET


Why are we having a watch Party? (silly question) because Ha Ram. (Ahn Hyo Seop) :sunglasses: :laughing:

So 2 or three episodes every Friday and Saturday until we are finished! Join us this Friday and Saturday! @ 7 PM ET

Anyone can join! Please come and watch with us!**


Sound good.


I’m so ready for this one!


I should be thankful for Daylight Saving… you’ve shifted the time to 5:30 AM IST! :smile::joy: Still too early for me, but at least I’ll be able to join later


Yes that’s what, I can join at 6:30 for movies.


TONIGHT PEEPS! Lover’s of the Red Sky!

Friday AND Saturday - November 12/13 @ 7 PM Eastern Time! (New York time )



So I did eventually try starting at the last Eps with Long Ballad and you can move on after the video runs out so you don’t have to press the forward a million times!!! Looking forward to RED SKY!


LOVE THAT GIF! (The way she’s looking at him :laughing: :sunglasses: )

I had to update the Watch Party link That old one took us to a special preview episode rather than EP1



You could have just moved forward I did that with Chicago Typewriter just went to the next eps


No, that didnt’ work on Red SKy. It went Special Preview episode 1 (Which is not EP1) then to Episode 2 so I had to remake it starting on the correct episode. I think it’s because VIKI had TWO episode 1’s for Red Sky. At least I found that out BEFORE start time.


ON NOW! Join us!


After a watch party using the TCs just isn’t the same. * sigh *


Ok! Here’s the link for tonight’s Watch Party -

Lovers of The Red Sky

Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021 - at 7 PM ET


we need a new link this is where it takes me


you can find the link on discord

Here I grabbed it


this is a new whole level for our watch parties


A little more culture, a lot less hotties.


Oops! Opps! Oops! :sunglasses: Uh. I obviously was not paying attention!


Watch Part Continues FRIDAY NIGHT! 7 PM Eastern Time

Lovers of the Red Sky. Episode 6 & 7!