Watch Party - May-December Couple - Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 - 1 PM Eastern time!



Isn’t this something to do with the link being right up against the left edge of posts? I notice that when writing post if there are spaces between the left edge and the wording in the editor I get no image but once it’s posted the spaces are ‘stripped out’ but still no image. If you go back in to edit the post the spaces are still there.


BIngo! Thank you for noticing!

Let’s see what Suga is up to…

ØMI - You (Prod. SUGA of BTS) -Official Music Video-

NO SPACES in front of the link.

With one space


Watch Party Tonight at 6:30 Eastern - We are starting The Perfect Match!



I can rewatch it and join every time I can!
This is going to be at several watch parties, right?


YES it is 22 Eps


@natyh We don’t have to do this one Sunday! We can take a poll to see what people want!?? I know with 22 eps we might have to watch some of Perfect Match on our own!


Why would they give us watch parties, and then take away the ability to share them here, that makes no sense.


I need to make the poll for what people want to watch on Sunday. We got lots of suggestions.


Yes! Please start a poll for @natyh
or @natyh can for her watch party on Sunday!




sure! sounds good to me! I’m ok with that


There is another thread with all the suggestions for Sunday!


Perfect Match Watch Party 6:30 Eastern



?? Is this on now? well, I missed that one entirely! I didn’t know about it in time. It’s only 8:50 here and it started at 8:30 pm?


We started at 6:30 pm eastern - got 3 eps in and going to start back on Friday!


That’s 8:30PM MT Oh! DUH! 4:30 Mountain time! lol. I space which direction the time runs sometimes.,:thinking: :rofl: Aren’t the shows 1 hour each?


Yes we will start Eps 4 on Friday 6:30 Est


So no Thursday watch party then?


Not officially, since Ali and I will both be gone, but if everyone else is still interested, you can organize one.