Watch Party - May-December Couple - Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 - 1 PM Eastern time!


It’s of no use I think.


I added a comment! It is not setting up like it used to. You used to get a window to copy and share. Now it has link buttons that are not working. I hope they get it fixed



Almost time for our May December Couple!
see you soon! Are we looking at about 3 hours??


1 PM eastern time, right?

I am fussing with this stupid redirect they’ve put in that brings us to the home page rather than our watch party.



You putting the link in Discord???


I will put it in discord

Let’s see if this watch party links works!

It does! Yea! Click the link above!
TODAY - Sunday, OCT 17, 2021 at 1 PM Eastern TIME!

Wow! What a hassle! The link above WILL take you directly to the watch party.

It starts at 1PM TODAY! Join us!


Is this the link for may-december couple? I just want to be sure hehe


It worked what did you do to get the go around???



They reply within three days. I’ve noticed this myself, I’m keeping my hopes up.


I posted it on d i s c o r d as a watch party link, saved it, tested it, then opened it and copied that to paste here. It seems Viki wants us to advertise for them by posting on other sites. So links posted there do work.


Had another great time with the gang! We all enjoyed this selection and hope for a season 2. :wink::grinning: Thanks for the fun!


@stardust2466_546 This one was really great - so far we have picked some really good ones!


Watch Party for Perfect Match

So @porkypine90_261
We have to do this now???

We have to put it in the hyperlink now in order for it to work???
This is a TEST - see if you can get in!!!

This is just a TEST


Yes. That link worked. You can close that test watch party now. :sunglasses: (Unless you want to have people waiting to watch it.) :smirk: :grin:


Wow - that was a very UNEXPLAINED - change that now is a work around! CRAZY! But OK


It is ONLY for watch parties that require us to use the Hyperlink now. If you post other Viki links straight, they do go to the correct place.


WAYO :woman_shrugging:


Hmmm. Let me test something… Of site links…

Straight YouTube MV link
The above takes you to the MV.

If I use the hyperlink
the above takes you to the video

If I use the image link from the web

So now I post it straight and I get the image. GO FIGURE! BUG bug bug bug


This is super annoying - are they trying to stop us from posting like music etc.??

Here is a direct link - This one works??? What is the difference
I have to run to the gym but I’ll check back


The off-site direct links are just buggy. The Watch party is deliberate.