Watch Party - May-December Couple - Sunday, Oct. 17, 2021 - 1 PM Eastern time!



OK so @my_happy_place @natyh and @kdrama2020ali
took it upon ourselves to decide to watch

Incurable Case of Love tomorrow, Thursday - at 2pm (yes 2pm my favorite time) Eastern Standard time!
Come join us!


I’m hosting so I will post the link here tomorrow right before 2 pm







Thursday, right? Oh okay, I was confused for some time :sweat_smile: You’re still in “yesterday” to me LOL


Why are we doing that one? Viki has that as a Watch party going on right now.


They teased us with “gifs” @natyh @mas4
And we couldn’t resist.

I went into the watch party - I would get kicked out for saying HOTTIE! I think they are kind of reserved!
This was a fly by decision just while a few of us were watching “Short” tonight.

It’s not the official movie or anything


How do you find Viki Watch Parties? The Help Center says the feature is available in India, but I’ve never seen a banner at the top of Viki’s main page announcing a watch party. I remember seeing one a LONG time ago… but not anymore.


It will appear on the home page, above your ‘continue watching’ section. It’s not a banner, it’s just a thumbnail for the show and gives the date and time.


Can’t see anything :slightly_frowning_face:


Maybe it’s not in your region. Because it still shows up on mine, saying it is now playing.


Vivi you are 12 hours difference from Pacific time which is where Viki’s office in San Mateo, Ca is located. That is probably why you don’t see it. There is too much of a time difference for most people to join.

Do you have the option to create your own watch parties?


Yes, I do have the option to create Viki watch parties.
I don’t think time difference should be a problem because, as long as the watch party is going on, why would Viki care at what time I have to wake up to watch?


Oh who knows the true reason. You’ll have to ask Viki.



Incurable Case of Love today, Thursday - at 2pm (yes 2pm my favorite time) Eastern Standard time!
Come join us!

I’m hosting so I will post the link here today right before 2 pm



I fixed the first box and headline.,


Geek Community

Adapted from Manga - I seem to have a thing for Japanese Manga

Are you guys ALMOST ready???

Word Press


Looks interesting but I’ll have to watch on my own schedule. WORK is a dirty four-letter word…


We are sorry you can’t come @stardust2466_546 our registrar extraordinaire!




Come in when you are ready!


You guys coming???

Back at 4:45 pm Eastern