Watch Party| mute|over

Hello all I’m hosting a watch party!
And this watch party is specifically being held to promote our language subtitles.

This is one of the highest rated short webdramas on Viki, it is so short and cute.
Hope to see you guys around tomorrow!




awww Mute is my second-favorite short web drama! Unfortunately, I don’t watch anything during the day on Sundays… :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for the invitation. A watch party to promote a language? This is an awesome initiative. I have my exams going on, I’ll try to join if I get time.


Thanks Shraddha, it’s only one hr long drama!

We’ll be waiting :partying_face:

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Where is the link ?

It is taking to Home page

Join now

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Chat chesthe anthe raa saami!

Chat cheykudadha akkada

నాకు వీడియో స్కిప్ ayipothundi రా బాబు,

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Ohh… Meeru cheykudadha… Maku parledhu ga

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