Watch Party NEW! - THURSDAY - Oct. 8, 1PM Eastern Time!


I’m here but if no one is around I can totally do it next week. :woman_shrugging:


Let’s see who shows up and if only 1 then we’ll postpone to next week.


I’m thinking during the week like Thursday is probably better than the weekend - things seem to come up on the weekends! HA!


Sure. I’ve already seen it like how many times now! (cult classic) lol


We can see if anyone shows up - if not we can move it like you said - I’m ok with that for today!


You haven’t seen it though and you’re leaving in an hour? We should postpone it then.

I’ll start it and see who shows up.


OK! Watch party link

We’ll see if enough people show up today otherwise we’ll move this to Thursday at 2 PM Eastern time.


Drama Wiki


Thanks for the fun watch party!!! Can’t wait for our next one.


Let’s do movies for a while. Midnight runners … Or short EPs like Kiss goblin


Whatever is Free so everyone can participate- I think we had a list - We had thought about doing Grand Prix???


Guys do you want to watch only C-drama for watch party or Kdramas are okay too?


I have suggestion then, let’s watch some K drama too according to the genre you guys want


We can watch anything! Just give us suggestions! :sweat_smile:



I am making a poll on that thread.


Wow, I missed all this. I didn’t come to discussions at all last month. I didn’t get the email notifications either.


We have another watch party tomorrow usually at 1 pm EST


Come tomorrow afternoon at 1PM Eastern time. :sunglasses:

I’ll post the link here.


hmmm. Well, I can no longer edit the top post with the current show info so let this thread die.